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ASMRM 2012 Bejing CN +[[File:ASMRM LOGO.JPG|200px|right]] '''Bejing CN''', 2012 Nov 02-05. - 9<sup>th</sup> Conference of the Asian Society of Mitochondrial Research and Medicine and 5<sup>th</sup> Conference of Chinese Society of Mitochondrial Research and Medicine (Chinese-Mit), [http://asmrm2012.csp.escience.cn/dct/page/65540 ASMRM 2012]  +
ASMRM 2013 Seoul KR +[[File:ASMRM LOGO.JPG|200px|right]] '''Seoul KR''', 2013 Nov 04-05. - 10<sup>th</sup> Conference of the Asian Society of Mitochondrial Research and Medicine, [http://asmrm2013.com/common_files/mess.asp ASMRM 2013].  +
ASMRM 2015 Hangzhou CN +[[File:ASMRM LOGO.JPG|200px|right]] '''Hangzhou CN''', 2015 Nov 13-15. - 12<sup>th</sup> Conference of the Asian Society of Mitochondrial Research and Medicine, [http://www.ig.zju.edu.cn/ASMRM/EN/ ASMRM 2015].  +
ASMRM 2016 Shinagawa JP +[[File:ASMRM LOGO.JPG|120px|right]] '''Shinagawa JP''', 2016 Oct 31 - Nov 1. 13<sup>th</sup> Conference of the Asian Society of Mitochondrial Research and Medicine (ASMRM) and the 16<sup>th</sup> Conference of the Japanese Society of Mitochondrial Research and Medicine (J-mit). The world of mitochondrial diseases: Their diversity and heterogeneity  +
ASMRM 2017 Xian CN +[[File:ASMRM LOGO.JPG|200px|right]] '''Xi'an, Shaanxi CN''', 2017 Sep 08 to 11. The 14<sup>th</sup> Conference of the Asian Society of Mitochondrial Research and Medicine [http://8sfrr-asia14asmrm.csp.escience.cn/dct/page/1 ASMRM2017]  +
ASMRM 2018 Busan KR +[[File:ASMRM LOGO.JPG|200px|right]] '''Busan, KR''', 2018 Nov 07-08. 15th Conference of the Asian Society of Mitochondrial Research and Medicine.  +
Aasander Frostner 2011 Abstract MiP2011 +Is there a systemic mitochondrial biogenic response to aerobic training? Mitochondrial respiration in platelets from athletes forced to rest following a knee injury.  +
Aasander Frostner 2017 MiP2017 +[[File:Eleonor A Frostner.jpg|left|90px|Åsander Frostner Eleonor]] Cell-permeable succinate and malonate as research tools. [[Media:Aasander_Frostner_Poster_MiP2017.pdf|Aasander Frostner_Poster]]  +
Aasander Frostner E +MSc [http://orcid.org/0000-0001-8426-4836 ORCID ID]  +
Aasum 2017 Abstract MITOEAGLE Barcelona +[[File:MITOEAGLE-representation.jpg|left|60px|link=http://www.mitoglobal.org/index.php/MITOEAGLE|COST Action MITOEAGLE]] Mitochondrial function in the diabetic heart – effect of an acute fat-load.  +
Aasum E +Prof., PhD.  +
Abadi A +Dr.  +
Abbasi 2018 J R Soc Med +Abbasi K (2018) A giant step for science: JRSM welcomes preprints in medical science. J R Soc Med 111:263.  +
Abcam 2018 Cambridge UK +'''Cambridge, UK''', 2018 Jun 25-27. Cancer and Metabolism conference.  +
Abcam Mitochondria Meeting 2014 +'''London UK''', 2014 Feb 26. Abcam Mitochondria Meeting 2014: Mitochondria, Energy Metabolism and Cancer [http://www.abcam.com/index.html?pageconfig=resource&rid=16185&viapagetrap=mitochondriafeb Abcam Mitochondria Meeting 2014]  +
Abdel-Rahman 2015 Abstract MiPschool Cape Town 2015 +Assessment of NADPH-dependent oxygen consumption and hydrogen peroxide production by high-resolution respirometry and EPR spectroscopy.  +
Abdel-Rahman 2016 Oxid Med Cell Longev +Abdel-Rahman EA, Mokhtar A, Aaliya A, Radwan Y, Yasseen B, Al-Okda A, Atwa A, Elhanafy E, Habashy M, Ali SS (2016) Resolving contributions of oxygen-consuming and ROS-generating enzymes at the synapse. Oxid Med Cell Longev p19.  +
Abdel-Rahman EA +Dr.  +
Abdelwahab 2018 Oncogene +Abdelwahab EMM, Pal S, Kvell K, Sarosi V, Bai P, Rue R, Krymskaya V, McPhail D, Porter A, Pongracz JE (2018) Mitochondrial dysfunction is a key determinant of the rare disease lymphangioleiomyomatosis and provides a novel therapeutic target. Oncogene [Epub ahead of print].  +
Abdul Karim N +Dr.  +
Abdurrachim 2014 Biochim Biophys Acta +Abdurrachim D, Ciapaite J, Wessels B, Nabben M, Luiken JJ, Nicolay K, Prompers JJ (2014) Cardiac diastolic dysfunction in high-fat diet fed mice is associated with lipotoxicity without impairment of cardiac energetics ''in vivo''. Biochim Biophys Acta 1842:1525-37.  +
Abdurrachim 2017 Cardiovasc Res +Abdurrachim D, Nabben M, Hoerr V, Kuhlmann MT, Bovenkamp P, Ciapaite J, Geraets IME, Coumans W, Luiken JJFP, Glatz JFC, Schäfers M, Nicolay K, Faber C, Hermann S, Prompers JJ (2017) Diabetic db/db mice do not develop heart failure upon pressure overload: a longitudinal ''in vivo'' PET, MRI, and MRS study on cardiac metabolic, structural, and functional adaptations. Cardiovasc Res 113:1148-60.  +
Abla H +MSc  +
Abou-Hamdan 2015 Methods Enzymol +Abou-Hamdan A, Guedouari-Bounihi H, Lenoir V, Andriamihaja M, Blachier F, Bouillaud F (2015) Oxidation of H2S in mammalian cells and mitochondria. Methods Enzymol 554:201-28.  +
Abuja PM +Dr.  +