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Nelson 2018 Amino AcidsNelson MM, Builta ZJ, Monroe TB, Doorn JA, Anderson EJ (2018) Biochemical characterization of the catecholaldehyde reactivity of L-carnosine and its therapeutic potential in human myocardium. Amino Acids 51:97-102.2018PMID: 30191330
Perna 2016 Amino AcidsPerna MK, Kokenge AN, Miles KN, Udobi KC, Clark JF, Pyne-Geithman GJ, Khuchua Z, Skelton MR (2016) Creatine transporter deficiency leads to increased whole body and cellular metabolism. Amino Acids 48:2057-65.2016PMID: 27401086 Open Access
Hancock 2016 Amino AcidsHancock CN, Liu W, Alvord WG, Phang JM (2016) Co-regulation of mitochondrial respiration by proline dehydrogenase/oxidase and succinate. Amino Acids 48:859-72.2016PMID: 26660760 Open Access
Rostrup M 2008 Amino AcidsRostrup M, Fossbakk A, Hauge A, Kleppe R, Gnaiger E, Haavik J (2008) Oxygen dependence of tyrosine hydroxylase. Amino Acids 34:455-64.2008PMID: 17520326
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