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Swenson 2018 AnesthesiologySwenson ER (2018) Does aerobic respiration produce carbon dioxide or hydrogen ion and bicarbonate? 128:873–9. Open Access
Lucchinetti 2012 AnesthesiologyLucchinetti E, Awad AE, Rahman M, Feng J, Lou PH, Zhang L, Ionescu L, Lemieux H, ThΓ©baud B, Zaugg M (2012) Antiproliferative effects of local anesthetics on mesenchymal stem cells: potential implications for tumor spreading and wound healing. Anesthesiology 116:841-56.2012PMID: 22343474
Nouette-Gaulain 2009 AnesthesiologyNouette-Gaulain K, Bellance N, PrΓ©vost B, Passerieux E, Pertuiset C, Galbes O, Smolkova K, Masson F, Miraux S, Delage JP, Letellier T, Rossignol R, Capdevila X, Sztark F (2009) Erythropoietin protects against local anesthetic myotoxicity during continuous regional analgesia. Anesthesiology 110:648-59.2009PMID: 19212263
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