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Sidney AU, 2016 Nov 26-28 AussieMit 2016.

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AussieMit 2016 Sydney AU (2016-11-26) MitoGlobal

Abstract: AussieMit 2016, Sydney, AU

AussieMit 2016 is the 5th biennial Australian conference for mitochondrial research. This year’s conference will include a Young Investigator Symposium, Patient Forum and a diverse clinical and scientific program. Broad areas of research will be presented, including clinical and basic mitochondrial disease research, mitochondria in Parkinson’s Disease and other neurodegenerative disorders, mitochondrial metabolism and aging, mitochondrial stress an quality control, basic mitochondrial biology and model systems for mitochondrial research.

Young Investigator Symposium

The Young Investigator Symposium (Saturday 26 November) is an opportunity for young mitochondrial researchers to network, present and listen to work being conducted by their peers and also general interest topics. Those registrants who are invited to give an oral presentation selected from submitted abstracts will be eligible for a prize.

Patient Forum

The patient forum will be a short informative session (Saturday 26 November) aimed at showcasing clinical and basic research that is relevant to mitochondrial disease patients and their families. It will include talks from national and international researchers on topics including disease diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and management.

The aim of this meeting is to update researchers of new data, to outline relevant techniques, and to foster new collaborative and career opportunities.

  • Conference Dates: 26 - 28 November 2016
  • Registration: opening soon
  • Organising Committee - Scientific enquiries: Professor Carolyn Sue (Chair), Dr Ryan Davis (Co-chair), Fabienne Edema-Hildebrand, Brian Koentjoro, Sean Murray, Jin Park, Ariadna Recasens
  • Organising Committee - Administration enquiries: Rebecca Davis
AussieMit 2016



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