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Bioenergetics Communications        
Tributes to pioneers in bioenergetics
Gnaiger 2020 BEC MitoPathways
Gnaiger Erich et al ― MitoEAGLE Task Group (2020) Mitochondrial physiology. Bioenerg Commun 2020.1.
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Bioenergetics Communications is the Open Science journal on bioenergetics and mitochondrial physiology with Living Communications Open Access logo.png - ISSN 2791-4690

BEC editors

Bioenergetics Communications
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Executive editor meeting minutes

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2023-09-07, 11:00 (CET)
Cardoso Luiza HD, Chinopoulos Christos, Cocco Paolo, Garcia-Roves Pablo Miguel, Gnaiger Erich, Kowaltowski Alicia J, Tindle-Solomon Lisa
Meeting Agenda:
  • Increase submissions:
- EBEC call for papers (non-invited speakers) – full papers (not abstracts)
- Special issues for other meetings
- Follow-up on call for submissions/special topics
- Names of individuals to invite to submit
  • Executive editor rotation/extension
  • Other topics?
Meeting Minutes:
  • Increase submissions ideas:
- Provide incentive for authors, e.g. free/discounted registration or membership
- Focus on reproducibility experiments/confirmatory results
- Make it easy (more flexibility on terminology)
- For special issue for a meeting, will look into possibility for one in Barcelona in Oct (might be out of scope of journal)
- Journal needs more visibility - include slide at end of presentations to promote BEC
- MiPsociety summer school - have a series of educational papers

  • Executive editor rotation/extension
- Unanimous vote in agreement with Christopher Axelrod joining as an Executive editor
  • Other topics?
- Find out about more funding opportunities in EU - Link on EU funding:
- Next meeting to be Jan 2024
  • Action points:
- AK: send any information that comes from the meeting in France
- PC/LT/EG: Create ppt slide to circulate to all editors for use.
- PC/LT/EG/LC: prepare email to becboard and authors with updates/minutes
2022-11-22, 16:00 (CET)
Cardoso Luiza HD, Chinopoulos Christos, Cocco Paolo, Garcia-Roves Pablo Miguel, Gnaiger Erich, Kowaltowski Alicia J, Tindle-Solomon Lisa
Meeting Agenda:
Meeting Minutes:
- Rejected multiple editor positions as a conflict of interest
- Number of reviews expected: No more than 3 declined or unanswered requests/year.
- Appointment length: 3 years, renew if meets the above criteria. Appointment can be ended earlier if non-responsive/decline to act as editor twice without explanation.
- Executive editors may invite associate editors without discussion and inform the other members. Once journal more established executives can look at the board member composition and create a strategy to target areas where there is not an editor.
- For editors and reviewers, conflicts should be taken into account before accepting an assignment. Conflicts of interest include joint publications or collaborations within the past 5 years. Publications with a consortium are an exception.
- Post acceptance β€œreviews” can be viewed as a conflict of interest and be frustrating for authors. Additionally not a sustainable workload.
- Pre-review edits for SI Units, IUPAC and MitoEAGLE terminology done by BEC editorial staff and sent to authors for acceptance.
Β· Language should not be edited
- High quality editors should in turn pick high quality reviewers that will catch scientific errors
- Unrealistic to expect every error or ambiguous terminology to be caught
- Stronger signposting to author checklist on what the journal requirements are
- Editors should desk reject manuscripts that do not talk about bioenergetics
  • Published open peer reviews - Based on below feedback (figure), we will now provide 3 options (to be selected by reviewer in the reviewer form)
(1) Published open peer review with name (2) Published open peer review without name (3) No published open peer review.
Agreed on above. UPDATED to only options (1) and (3)
  • Next meeting – frequency and date?
- Every 6 months or upon need.
  • Anything else?
- Look into tracking citations

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