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Bioblasts - the original bioenergetic term for mitochondria and bacteria

Altmann 1894

Richard Altmann (1894) coined the term Bioblasts to describe the 'elementary particles' observed by osmium staining in metazoan cells, endosymbiotic and free-living bacteria (Tafel VII 1 Pankreas der Maus VII 2 Wurzelknöllchen von Coronilla glauca). Five years ago the Bioblast website was launched, and the bioblasts were presented in the MiPArt exhibtion at the Mitochondrial Physiology Conference MiP2010.


Contributions to Bioblast pictures

We invite contributions to “Bioblast picture of the month" with your specially selected, most beautiful scientific (or otherwise) pictures of mitochondria (or Bioblasts). Mitochondria are strongly linked to diseases. Here we would like to emphasise the beauty of the ‘Organism in our Cells', as a follow-up of the MiP2010 exhibition 'The Beauty of Mitochondria'. Please send us selected pictures and a short description (a couple of sentences, and – if applicable – a reference to your original scientific work).

We will add your mitochondrial images to the Bioblast website - with full reference to your work throughout. Please, include copyright information, if you agree on selecting your image for publication as a "Bioblast picture of the month" (the copyright will remain with you). We are looking forward to your exciting, informative, and beautiful contributions.

--Erich Gnaiger, 2015-08-24

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