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Journal title and website The Biological Bulletin


Bishop 1998 Biol BullBishop JJ, Vandergon TL, Green DB, Doeller JE, Kraus DW (1998) A high affinity hemoglobin is expressed in the notochord of amphioxus, Branchiostoma californiense. Biol Bull 195: 255-259.1998Biol. Bull. 195: 255-259.
Lee 1996 Biol BullLee RW, Kraus DW, Doeller JE (1996) Sulfide-stimulation of oxygen consumption rate and cytochrome reduction in gills of the estuarine mussel Geukensia demissa. Biol Bull 191:421-30.1996Biol. Bull. 191: 421-430.
Byrne 1990 Biol BullByrne RA, Gnaiger E, McMahon RF, Diez TH (1990) Behavioral and metabolic responses to emersion and subsequent reimmersion in the freshwater bivalve, Corbicula fluminea. Biol Bull 178:251-9.1990Research Gate Open Access
Shick 1990 BiolBullShick JM (1990) Diffusion limitation and hyperoxic enhancement of oxygen consumption in symbiotic sea anemones, zoanthids, and corals. Biol Bull 179:148-58.1990Biol. Bull. 179: 148-158.
Stickle 1989 Biol BullStickle WB, Kapper MA, Liu LL, Gnaiger E, Wang SY (1989) Metabolic adaptations of several species of crustaceans and molluscs to hypoxia: tolerance and microcalorimetric studies. Biol Bull 177:303-12.1989Research Gate Open Access