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Bitterlich 1984 Aquaculture

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Bitterlich G, Gnaiger E (1984) Phytoplanktivorous or omnivorous fish? Digestibility of zooplankton by silvercarp, Hypophthalmichthys molitrix (Val.). Aquaculture 40:261-3.

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Bitterlich G, Gnaiger Erich (1984) Aquaculture

Abstract: Small zooplankton, rotatoria and nauplii decomposed rapidly during in-vitro incubation in the gut fluid of silvercarp. Algae remained unchanged. Gut content analysis, therefore, erroneously suggests a phytoplanktivorous strategy, whereas omnivorous feeding may actually be required for maintaining a positive energy balance in these stomachless fish.

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Organism: Fishes, Crustaceans, Plants