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Bunnett 1988 Pure Appl Chem

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Bunnett JF, Jones RAY (1988) Names for hydrogen atoms, ions, and groups, and for reactions involving them. Pure Appl Chem 60:1115-16.

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Bunnett JF, Jones RAY (1988) Pure Appl Chem

Abstract: The names at present available for hydrogen ions or groups, and for reactions involving them, are not always adequate for describing isotopic differences. For example, the word proton is used not only for the 'H+ ion but commonly, and incorrectly, for H+ in natural abundance. In many contexts this creates no ambiguity and it is likely that this usage will continue. However, in discussions of isotope effects and in several areas of nomenclature the ability to make a distinction is essential, and the Commission on Physical Organic Chemistry recommends the terms set out below to avoid such ambiguities.

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