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Gnaiger 1990 CYCLOBIOSGnaiger E, Steinlechner R, Doeller JE, Haller T, eds (1990) Calorimetry, Respirometry and Mitochondrial Energetics. CYCLOBIOS Newsletter 4:93 pp.1990
Haller 1990 CYCYCLOBIOS MitosHaller T (1990) Methodological considerations for respiratory studies with isolated mitochondria. CYCLOBIOS Newsletter 4:51-5.1990
Haller 1990 CYCLOBIOS KineticsHaller T, Gnaiger E (1990) Kinetic control and reaction pressure in steady state coupled mitochondria. CYCLOBIOS Newsletter 4:63-6.1990Bioblast Access
Raich 1990 CYCLOBIOSRaich K, Haller T, Gnaiger E (1990) The kinetics of mitochondria isolated from oligochaetes: Comparison with classical rat liver mitochondria. CYCLOBIOS Newsletter 4:77-9.1990Bioblast Access
Schoen 1990 CyclobiosSchΓΆn A, Haller T, Gnaiger E (1990) Hexokinase induced, steady state coupled mitochondria studied by injection calorimetry and respirometry. CYCLOBIOS Newsletter 4:67-72.1990Bioblast Access
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