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COST Action CA15203 (2016-2021): MitoEAGLE
Evolution-Age-Gender-Lifestyle-Environment: mitochondrial fitness mapping

Cano-Abad MF

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Name Cano-Abad Maria F, Dra.
Institution Departamento de Farmacología y Terapéutica

Facultad de Medicina Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Address C/Arzobispo Morcillo 4, 28029
City Madrid
Country Spain
Email [email protected]
O2k-Network Lab



Martinez-Sanz 2016 Eur J Med Chem2016Martínez-Sanz FJ, Lajarín-Cuesta R, González-Lafuente L, Moreno-Ortega AJ, Punzón E, Cano-Abad MF, de los Ríos C (2016) Neuroprotective profile of pyridothiazepines with blocking activity of the mitochondrial Na+/Ca2+ exchanger. Eur J Med Chem 109:114-23.
Moreno-Ortega 2016 Neurotox Res2016Moreno-Ortega AJ, Al-Achbili LM, Alonso E, de Los Ríos C, García AG, Ruiz-Nuño A, Cano-Abad MF (2016) Neuroprotective effect of the novel compound ITH33/IQM9.21 against oxidative stress and Na+ and Ca2+ overload in motor neuron-like NSC-34 cells. Neurotox Res 30:380-91.
Mouhid 2016 Neurosci Lett2016Mouhid Al-Achbili L, Moreno-Ortega AJ, Matías-Guiu J, Cano-Abad MF, Ruiz-Nuño A (2016) ITH33/IQM9.21 provides neuroprotection in a novel ALS model based on TDP-43 and Na+/Ca2+ overload induced by VTD. Neurosci Lett 633:28-32.
Martinez-Sanz 2015 ACS Chem Neurosci2015Martínez-Sanz FJ, Lajarín-Cuesta R, Moreno-Ortega AJ, González-Lafuente L, Fernández-Morales JC, López-Arribas R, Cano-Abad MF, de los Ríos C (2015) Benzothiazepine CGP37157 analogues exert cytoprotection in various in vitro models of neurodegeneration. ACS Chem Neurosci 6:1626-36.
Moreno-Ortega 2015 Aging Cell2015Moreno-Ortega AJ, Buendia I, Mouhid L, Egea J, Lucea S, Ruiz-Nuño A, López MG, Cano-Abad MF (2015) CALHM1 and its polymorphism P86L differentially control Ca2+ homeostasis, mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling, and cell vulnerability upon exposure to amyloid β. Aging Cell 14:1094-102.
Moreno-Ortega 2015 Neuropharmacology2015Moreno-Ortega AJ, Martínez-Sanz FJ, Lajarín-Cuesta R, de Los Rios C, Cano-Abad MF (2015) Benzothiazepine CGP37157 and its 2'-isopropyl analogue modulate Ca2+ entry through CALHM1. Neuropharmacology 95:503-10.
Guerra-Alvarez 2015 J Neurochem2015Guerra-Álvarez M, Moreno-Ortega AJ, Navarro E, Fernández-Morales JC, Egea J, López MG, Cano-Abad MF (2015) Positive allosteric modulation of alpha-7 nicotinic receptors promotes cell death by inducing Ca2+ release from the endoplasmic reticulum. J Neurochem 133:309-19.
Martin-Sabroso 2015 Int J Pharm2015Martín-Sabroso C, Fraguas-Sánchez AI, Aparicio-Blanco J, Cano-Abad MF, Torres-Suárez AI (2015) Critical attributes of formulation and of elaboration process of PLGA-protein microparticles. Int J Pharm 480:27-36.
Alonso 2013 Steroids2013Alonso E, Cano-Abad MF, Moreno-Ortega AJ, Novalbos J, Milla J, García AG, Ruiz-Nuño A (2013) Nanomolar ouabain elicits apoptosis through a direct action on HeLa cell mitochondria. Steroids 78:1110-8.
Moreno 2013 Biomed Chromatogr2013Moreno JM, Wojnicz A, Steegman JL, Cano-Abad MF, Ruiz-Nuño A (2013) Imatinib assay by high-performance liquid chromatography in tandem mass spectrometry with solid-phase extraction in human plasma. Biomed Chromatogr 27:502-8.
Paredes-Gamero 2012 Mol Pharm2012Paredes-Gamero EJ, Casaes-Rodrigues RL, Moura GE, Domingues TM, Buri MV, Ferreira VH, Trindade ES, Moreno-Ortega AJ, Cano-Abad MF, Nader HB, Ferreira AT, Miranda A, Justo GZ, Tersariol IL (2012) Cell-permeable gomesin peptide promotes cell death by intracellular Ca2+ overload. Mol Pharm 9:2686-97.
Cano-Abad 2011 Int J Dev Neurosci2011Cano-Abad MF1, Herrera-Peco I, Sola RG, Pastor J, García-Navarrete E, Moro RC, Pizzo P, Ruiz-Nuño A (2011) Morphological and functional characterization of human cells from tissue coming from epileptic patients under surgery. Int J Dev Neurosci 29:121-9.
Milla 2011 Cell Calcium2011Milla J, Montesinos MS, Machado JD, Borges R, Alonso E, Moreno-Ortega AJ, Cano-Abad MF, García AG, Ruiz-Nuño A (2011) Ouabain enhances exocytosis through the regulation of calcium handling by the endoplasmic reticulum of chromaffin cells. Cell Calcium 50:332-42.
Moreno-Ortega 2009 Biochem Biophys Res Commun2009Moreno-Ortega AJ1, Ruiz-Nuño A, García AG, Cano-Abad MF (2009) Mitochondria sense with different kinetics the calcium entering into HeLa cells through calcium channels CALHM1 and mutated P86L-CALHM1. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 391:722-6.


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        • Benefits for COST and for the COST Action MitoEAGLE
The objectives of my laboratory are the search for modulators of mitochondrial sodium/calcium exchanger. In collaboration with Dr. Cristibal de los Rios, who is already part of the network, we published several articles proposing new chemical structures that enhance the neuroprotective and blocking of mitochondrial sodium/calcium exchanger.
In the same line and being interested in neurodegenerative diseases, we recently described alterations in mitochondrial calcium homeostasis in the presence of a calcium channel called CALHM1.
My laboratory is located at a research Institute in a hospital,, so I have access to human blood samples.
Actually I build a blood collection in order to correlate mitochondrial disorders with neurodegenerative diseases.
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