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Hervouet 2008 CarcinogenesisHervouet E, CΓ­zkovΓ‘ A, Demont J, VojtΓ­skovΓ‘ A, Pecina P, Franssen-van Hal NL, Keijer J, Simonnet H, IvΓ‘nek R, Kmoch S, Godinot C, Houstek J (2008) HIF and reactive oxygen species regulate oxidative phosphorylation in cancer. Carcinogenesis 29:1528-37.2008PMID: 18515279 Open Access
Hervouet 2005 CarcinogenesisHervouet E, Demont J, Pecina P, VojtΓ­skovΓ‘ A, Houstek J, Simonnet H, Godinot C (2005) A new role for the von Hippel-Lindau tumor suppressor protein: Stimulation of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation complex biogenesis. Carcinogenesis 26:531-9.2005PMID: 15604095 Open Access
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