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Journal title and website Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry


Escribano-Lopez 2019 Cell Physiol BiochemPMID: 30816667 Open accessEscribano-Lopez I, Bañuls C, Diaz-Morales N, Iannantuoni F, Rovira-Llopis S, Gomis R, Rocha M, Hernandez-Mijares A, Murphy MP, Victor VM (2019) The Mitochondria-Targeted Antioxidant MitoQ Modulates Mitochondrial Function and Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Pancreatic β Cells Exposed to Hyperglycaemia.. Cell Physiol Biochem 52(2):186-197.2019
Wang 2018 Cell Physiol BiochemPMID: 30286467 Open AccessWang P, Hu Y, Yao D, Li Y (2018) Omi/HtrA2 regulates a aitochondria-dependent apoptotic pathway in a murine model of septic encephalopathy. Cell Physiol Biochem 49:2163-73.2018
Cheng 2008 Cell Physiol BiochemPMID: 18769039Cheng Y, Gu XQ, Bednarczyk P, Wiedemann FR, Haddad GG, Siemen D (2008) Hypoxia increases activity of the BK-channel in the inner mitochondrial membrane and reduces activity of the permeability transition pore. Cell Physiol Biochem 22:127-36.2008
Loupatatzis 2002 Cell Physiol BiochemPMID: 12438763Loupatatzis C, Seitz G, Schoenfeld P, Lang F, Siemen D (2002) Single-channel currents of the permeability transition pore from the inner mitochondrial membrane of rat liver and of a human hepatoma cell line. Cell Physiol Biochem 12:269-78.2002
* Acronym = CPP