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ES Barcelona Gomis R

From Bioblast


ES Barcelona Gomis R

Oroboros O2k-Network

O2k-Network Lab Diabetes Laboratory n掳 334

Fundacio Clinic, Research area n掳 5

Address c/ Villarroel 170, escala 8-10 3a planta (facultad), 08036
City Barcelona
Country Spain
Contact Gomis Ramon
Team previous Carmona Orozco Maria del Carmen
Status O2k 2006-2010
Oroboros Events IOC70, IOC30


Ramirez 2017 Cell Metab2017Ram铆rez S, G贸mez-Valad茅s AG, Schneeberger M, Varela L, Haddad-T贸volli R, Altirriba J, Noguera E, Drougard A, Flores-Mart铆nez 脕, Imbern贸n M, Chivite I, Pozo M, Vidal-Itriago A, Garcia A, Cervantes S, Gasa R, Nogueiras R, Gama-P茅rez P, Garcia-Roves PM, Cano DA, Knauf C, Servitja JM, Horvath TL, Gomis R, Zorzano A, Claret M (2017) Mitochondrial dynamics mediated by mitofusin 1 is required for POMC neuron glucose-sensing and insulin release control. Cell Metab 25:1390-9.
Schneeberger 2013 Cell2013Schneeberger M, Dietrich MO, Sebasti谩n D, Imbern贸n M, Casta帽o C, Garcia A, Esteban Y, Gonzalez-Franquesa A, Rodr铆guez IC, Bortolozzi A, Garcia-Roves PM, Gomis R, Nogueiras R, Horvath TL, Zorzano A, Claret M (2013) Mitofusin 2 in POMC neurons connects ER stress with leptin resistance and energy imbalance. Cell 155:172-87.
MiPNet17.10 IOC702012-05-29
Barcelona ES, 2012 May 29-30. Oroboros O2k-Workshop on High-Resolution Respirometry (HRR), IOC70.  禄ES Barcelona Garcia-Roves PM.
Carmona 2009 Int J Obes2009Carmona OMC, Amig贸 M, Barcel贸-Batllori S, Juli脿 M, Esteban Y, Moreno S, Gomis R (2009) Dual effects of sodium tungstate on adipocyte biology: Inhibition of adipogenesis and stimulation of cellular oxygen consumption. Int J Obes 33:534-40.
Crisan 2008 Stem Cells2008Crisan M, Casteilla L, Lehr L, Carmona OMC, Paoloni-Giacobino A, Yap S, Sun B, Leger B, Logar A, Penicaud L, Schrauwen P, Cameron-Smith D, Russell AP, Peault B, Giacobino JP (2008) A reservoir of brown adipocyte progenitors in human skeletal muscle. Stem Cells 26:2425-33.


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