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Environ Sci Technol

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Du 2018 Environ Sci TechnolDu SNN, McCallum ES, Vaseghi-Shanjani M, Choi JA, Warriner TR, Balshine S, Scott GR (2018) Metabolic costs of exposure to wastewater effluent lead to compensatory adjustments in respiratory physiology in bluegill sunfish. Environ Sci Technol 52:801-11.2018PMID: 29211964
Rundle 2018 Environ Sci TechnolRundle K, Sharaf M, Stevens D, Kamunde C, Van Den Heuvel MR (2018) Oil sands-derived naphthenic acids are oxidative uncouplers and impair electron transport in isolated mitochondria. Environ Sci Technol 52:10803-11.2018PMID: 30102860