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Esterhuizen 2015 Abstract MiPschool Cape Town 2015

From Bioblast
Metabolomics reveal altered mitochondrial metabolism associated with hypertension in a black South African male cohort: the SABPA study.


Esterhuizen K, van Deventer CA, Lindeque JZ, Jansen van Rensburg P, Malan L, van der Westhuizen FH, Louw R (2015)

Event: MiPschool Cape Town 2015

The increased phenomenon of essential hypertension in urbanized black South African males has become a great concern. Although a number of studies have investigated the effect of urbanization on hypertension in South Africans, metabolomics studies on these subjects are still lacking. Therefore the aim of this study was to use metabolomics to investigate the underlying biochemical mechanism of hypertension. Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry as well as liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry metabolic profiling was performed on a group of black South African males. In addition, 24–hour ambulatory blood pressure together with anthropometric, clinical, and biochemical markers were measured. The group was divided into quintiles based on their average 24–hour blood pressure readings. For statistical analyses only Quintile 1 (normotensive subjects) and Quintile 5 (extreme hypertensive subjects) were used. Statistical analyses indicated that together with several metabolites, markers of cardiometabolic risk (abdominal obesity), liver damage, inflammation, and oxidative stress were significantly perturbed in hypertensives compared to their normotensive counterparts (p<0.05). This study clearly demonstrated a metabolic perturbation associated with alcohol abuse, contributing to the development of hypertension, possibly by altering bioenergetics through a shift in the NADH/NADH ratio. Following this finding, future intervention studies on alcohol moderation, as well as further enhancement of metabolomics methods in cardiovascular research are highly recommended.

Labels: MiParea: Exercise physiology;nutrition;life style, Patients  Pathology: Cardiovascular, Obesity  Stress:Oxidative stress;RONS  Organism: Human 


1-Centre for Human Metabonomics, North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa. - [email protected]

2-Hypertension in Africa Research Team (HART), North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa