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Diaz 2023 Front Mol BiosciDiaz EC, Adams SH, Weber JL, Cotter M, Bรธrsheim E (2023) Elevated LDL-C, high blood pressure, and low peak Vห™O2 associate with platelet mitochondria function in children-The Arkansas Active Kids Study. Front Mol Biosci 10:1136975. 37033448 Open Access
Sumbalova 2022 Front Mol BiosciSumbalovรก Z, Kucharskรก J, Rausovรก Z, Palacka P, Kovalฤรญkovรก E, Takรกcsovรก T, Mojto V, Navas P, Lopรฉz-Lluch G, Gvozdjรกkovรก A (2022) Reduced platelet mitochondrial respiration and oxidative phosphorylation in patients with post COVID-19 syndrome are regenerated after spa rehabilitation and targeted ubiquinol therapy. Mol Biosci 9:1016352. PMID: 36339707 Open Access
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