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Gnaiger 2009 OCESHS

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Gnaiger E (2009) Open and closed systems: Styles of thinking explain controversies on the 'Negative Entropy' concept of Ludwig Boltzmann and Erwin Schrödinger. Third ICESHS, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna 2008.

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Gnaiger Erich (2009) Third ICESHS, Austrian Academy of Sciences


O2k-Network Lab: AT Innsbruck Gnaiger E


HRR: Theory 

  • First version in: Gnaiger E, Gellerich FN, Wyss M (1994) What is Controlling Life? 50 years after Erwin Schrödinger's What is Life? Modern Trends in BiothermoKinetics 3, Innsbruck Univ Press. »Bioblast link«