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Göbel EO, Siegner U (2019) The new international system of units (SI). Quantum metrology and quantum standards. Wiley-VCH 249 pp.

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Goebel Ernst O, Siegner Uwe (2019) Wiley-VCH

Abstract: In 2018, the evolution of the SI took a quantum leap forward: In a landmark decision in November 2018, the 26th CGPM voted to fundamentally revise the SI by abandoning all physical artifacts, material properties, and measurement descriptions used to date to define the kilogram/mole, the kelvin, and the ampere, respectively.

Bioblast editor: Gnaiger E

The quantity count

Remarkably, the quantity count is not discussed in this review of the new SI. The word-count of 'count' is Ncount = 2 x in the entire book.

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