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Name Guan Yue Hugh, Dr.
Address ,
City Shanghai
Country China
O2k-Network Lab CN Shanghai Yi X, UK Aberystwyth Kemp RB

To whom it may concern

In 2017 Oroboros Instruments was in contact with Dr. Hugh Guan in Shanghai and Xian to evaluate a possible collaboration in China. Since the field of expertise of Dr. Hugh Guan has moved away from mitochondria following his research on cell bioenergetics 18 years ago in the UK, he was invited by Oroboros Instruments to attend training O2k-Workshops in Xian (Sep 2017) and Schroecken (Oct 2017).
In the course of this training, the scientific reliability of Dr. Hugh Guan's translations and explanations on the topic of high-resolution respirometry was questioned by bilingual scientific specialists. As a result, Oroboros Instruments decided not to establish a cooperation with Dr. Hugh Guan. Speculations that have been circulated in China by Dr. Hugh Guan on pricing and technical specifications of the O2k are unfounded, may be misleading and are contrary to the concept of Gentle Science. Dr. Hugh Guan does not represent Oroboros Instruments in any way, and any of his statements should not be interpreted as such.
Gnaiger Erich (talk) 02:50, 12 January 2018 (CET)



Kemp 2000 Thermochim Acta (Vol 349)2000Kemp RB, Guan YH (2000) The application of heat flux measurements to improve the growth of mammalian cells in culture. Thermochim Acta 349: 23-30.
Guan 1999 J Biotechnol1999Guan YH, Kemp RB (1999) Detection of the changing substrate requirements of cultured animal cells by stoichiometric growth equations validated by enthalpy balances. J Biotechnol 69:95-114.
Guan 1999 Cytotechnol1999Guan YH, Kemp RB (1999) On-line heat flux measurements improve the culture medium for the growth and productivity of genetically engineered CHO cells. Cytotechnol 30:107-20.


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