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Harman JW, Feigelson M (1952) Studies on mitochondria IV. The cytological localization of mitochondria in heart muscle. Exp Cell Res 3:58-64.

» doi:10.1016/0014-4827(52)90031-1

Harman JW, Feigelson M (1952) Exp Cell Res

Abstract: The mitochondria in heart muscle are rod shaped, beaded structures which under certain conditions are converted to granules. They are interfibrillary in position and may be either parallel or transverse to the sarcomere. Only the transverse mitochondria maintain an exact relation to the sarcomere and lie in apposition to the anisotropic segment. The intimate relation to the myofibrils suggests an active contribution to the contractile process.

"Many granules have been described in heart and various skeletal muscles (11) commencing with the first descriptions by Kolliker (16, 17), .."

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