Health Innovation Summit 2023 Vienna AT

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Health Innovation Summit 2023 Vienna AT

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Vienna, AT, 2023 Jun 6. Health Innovation Summit Vienna

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Health Hub Veinna (2023-06-06) MitoGlobal

Abstract: Health Innovation Summit, Vienna, Austria, 2023

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Health Innovation Summit Vienna.jpeg
Health Hub Vienna
Erste Campus Vienna
Am Belvedere 1
Vienna, AT
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Oroboros at Health Innovation Summit 2023

Gnaiger Erich: Panel discussion "How is Gender influencing Health?", 13:30 - 14:30.
BMI gender data gap.png

The BMI gender data gap: Cellular energy metabolism is fired by mitochondria. Their respiratory capacity decreases with obesity. But the WHO defines obesity with an adult-white-male bias inherent in the body mass index of western medicine.

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