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The four-day Oroboros O2k-Workshops in Schroecken have become world-famous. They are usually held twice a year in the idyllic Alpine village Schroecken (Vorarlberg, Austria).
Oroboros O2k-Workshops in Schroecken provide a practical overview of the O2k-FluoRespirometer/NextGen-O2k (including the O2k-Fluo Smart-Module), with data analysis by DatLab and applications of the TIP2k. Hands-on experiments illustrate the principle and show the unique advantages and limitations of simultaneous monitoring of oxygen concentration, respiration, and hydrogen peroxide production.
Oroboros O2k-Workshops in Schroecken are held at Hotel Koerbersee (accommodation, meals, lectures and hands-on sessions). During lunch breaks, sufficient time is available for skiing, relaxing walks and talks, to enjoy the refreshing scenery of the alpine environment.

O2k-Workshops and Events

Travel to Schroecken

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BREGENZ TRAIN STATION („Hauptbahnhof“. Do NOT exit at “Bregenz Hafen”) -
Bus Terminal outside train station – bus marked „IOC“.
-> DEPARTURE: 3:00 p.m.

Recommended Airports: ZURICH or FRIEDRICHSHAFEN
Connection to BREGENZ: by train
A joint transfer bus will take all participants from BREGENZ TRAIN STATION to SCHROECKEN (1h 15 min drive).

Please arrange for:
* Arrival-day: Arrival in BREGENZ before 3:00 p.m.
* Departure-day: Departure from BREGENZ after 12:00 noon
In case of delays or late changes, please call Oroboros Instruments: Mobile: +43 677 647 929 17 or the Office: +43 512 566 796.
A later arrival or earlier departure will cause organizational difficulties and may result in extra cost for you (about € 120 for a cab/ travel time 1h; about € 11 for the public transportation).
If you miss the scheduled transportation, you have the option to either take a cab (Suggestion: Ritter Transport. Phone number: +43 664 34 11 540) or the public transportation to Schroecken. If you decide to take the public transportation, you will have to take the bus via Bregenz- Egg – Bezau – Schoppernau – Schröcken. You can book the ticket here: vmbol or here: oebb.
Please inform us well in advance if you must depart earlier. Please note that Oroboros Instruments cannot refund accommodation costs in such a case.

Information on train connection
Trains from and to Zuerich airport (international/intercontinental) take about 2 hours.
Trains and buses from and to Friedrichshafen airport (European) take about 1 hour.
» Website of Zurich Airport/Swiss Federal Railways
» Website of OEBB/Austrian Railway


Hotel Koerbersee
[email protected]
Tel: +43 5519 265

The accommodation price at Hotel Koerbersee includes full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
Two room categories are available:
  • House Enzian: Rooms equipped with washbasins. Bathrooms and showers are located on every floor. Access to the Wellness area at extra charge.
  • House Schneestern: Rooms equipped with shower and separate bathroom, satellite TV. Free access to Wellness area.
Internet access is available in all rooms.
  • Hotel Koerbersee © Berghotel Körbersee

    Hotel Koerbersee © Berghotel Körbersee

  • Hotel Koerbersee Room Enzian © Berghotel Körbersee

    Hotel Koerbersee Room Enzian © Berghotel Körbersee

  • Hotel Koerbersee Room Schneestern © Berghotel Körbersee

    Hotel Koerbersee Room Schneestern © Berghotel Körbersee

  • Access to Hotel Koerbersee

    Hotel Koerbersee is located within the idyllic, alpine Salober skiing area and cannot be accessed by car. From the bus drop-off area, an easy, well-maintained footpath provides access to the hotel within a 40 min walk. Depending on snow conditions, participants can be transferred to Hotel Koerbersee in a snow cat (10-12 persons) or a snow mobile (1-3 persons, available at an extra charge).
    All your luggage is transported to the Hotel by cable car from Schroecken village.
    Warm, waterproof hiking boots, jacket, hat, and gloves are required for protection against snow and cold.
    In the summer season we highly recommend bringing also waterproof/warm clothes, good waterproof shoes, sunglasses, hat/cap and sunscreen.

    Outdoor activities

    Walk to the Vorarlberger Alpmuseum uf m Tannberg.

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