ISS-Integrated Suction System\230 V\EU

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ISS-Integrated Suction System\230 V\EU


Description ISS-Integrated Suction System\230 V\EU: Suction pump 230 V

See: ISS-Integrated_Suction_System

Product ID 28101-01
Type ISS
Link ISS-Integrated Suction System

O2k-Catalogue: ISS components

TitleDescriptionProduct idProduct image
ISS-Integrated Suction System\230 V\EUISS-Integrated Suction System\230 V\EU: Suction pump 230 V See: ISS-Integrated_Suction_System28101-01
ISS-Integrated Suction System\120 V\US-CAISS-Integrated Suction System\120 V\US-CA, suction pump 120 V (USA and Canada). See: ISS-Integrated_Suction_System28102-01
ISS-Integrated Suction System\230 V\AU-NZISS-Integrated Suction System\230 V\AU-NZ, suction pump 230 V and plug for Australia and New Zealand. See ISS-Integrated Suction System.28103-01
ISS-Steel HousingISS-Steel Housing, a component of the ISS-Integrated Suction System.28110-01
ISS-Steel Housing.JPG
ISS-Waste BottleISS-Waste Bottle, 2-liter, component of the ISS-Integrated Suction System.28120-01
ISS-Waste Bottle.JPG
ISS-LidISS-Lid, for ISS-Waste Bottle, component of the ISS-Integrated Suction System.28130-01
ISS-Filter and TubingISS-Filter and Tubing, ISS-Integrated Suction System.28140-01
ISS-Filter and Tubing.JPG