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Nedel 2021 Intensive Care Med ExpNedel WL, Kopczynski A, Rodolphi MS, Strogulski NR, De Bastiani M, Montes THM, Abruzzi J Jr, Galina A, Horvath TL, Portela LV (2021) Mortality of septic shock patients is associated with impaired mitochondrial oxidative coupling efficiency in lymphocytes: a prospective cohort study. Intensive Care Med Exp 9:39.2021PMID: 34304333 Open Access
Zhang 2020 Intensive Care Med ExpZhang X, Zink F, Hezel F, Vogt J, Wachter U, Wepler M, Loconte M, Kranz C, Hellmann A, Mizaikoff B, Radermacher P, Hartmann C (2020) Metabolic substrate utilization in stress-induced immune cells. Intensive Care Med Exp 8:28.2020PMID: 33336295 Open Access
Jang 2018 Intensive Care Med ExpJang DH, MD, Khatri UG, Shortal BP, Kelly M, Lambert DS, Hardy K, Eckmann DM (2018) Alterations in mitochondrial respiration and reactive oxygen species in patients poisoned with carbon monoxide treated with hyperbaric oxygen. Intensive Care Med Exp 6:4.2018PMID: 29383459 Open Access
Piel 2018 Intensive Care Med ExpPiel S, Ehinger JK, Chamkha I, Frostner EΓ…, SjΓΆvall F, ElmΓ©r E, Hansson MJ (2018) Bioenergetic bypass using cell-permeable succinate, but not methylene blue, attenuates metformin-induced lactate production. Intensive Care Med Exp 6:22.2018PMID: 30069806 Open Access
Merz 2018 Intensive Care Med ExpMerz T, Wepler M, Nußbaum B, Vogt J, Calzia E, Wang R, Szabo C, Radermacher P, McCook O (2018) Cystathionine-γ-lyase expression is associated with mitochondrial respiration during sepsis-induced acute kidney injury in swine with atherosclerosis. Intensive Care Med Exp 6:43.2018PMID: 30343340
Merz 2017 Intensive Care Med ExpMerz T, Vogt JA, Wachter U, Calzia E, Szabo C, Wang R, Radermacher P, McCook O (2017) Impact of hyperglycemia on cystathionine-Ξ³-lyase expression during resuscitated murine septic shock. Intensive Care Med Exp 5:30.2017PMID: 28616781 Open Access
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