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Rawat 2019 J Mol BiolRawat S, Anusha V, Jha M, Sreedurgalakshmi K, Raychaudhuri S (2019) Aggregation of respiratory complex subunits marks the onset of proteotoxicity in proteasome inhibited cells. J Mol Biol 431:996-1015.2019PMID: 30682348 Open Access
Callegari 2019 J Mol BiolCallegari S, MΓΌller T, Schulz C, Lenz C, Jans DC, Wissel M, Opazo F, Rizzoli SO, Jakobs S, Urlaub H, Rehling P, Deckers M (2019) A MICOS-TIM22 association promotes carrier import into human mitochondria. J Mol Biol 431:2835-51.2019PMID: 31103774 Open Access
McKenzie 2006 J Mol BiolMcKenzie M, Lazarou M, Thorburn DR, Ryan MT (2006) Mitochondrial respiratory chain supercomplexes are destabilized in Barth Syndrome patients. J Mol Biol 361:462-9.2006PMID: 16857210
Sazanov 2000 J Mol BiolSazanov LA, Walker JE (2000) Cryo-electron crystallography of two sub-complexes of bovine complex I reveals the relationship between the membrane and peripheral arms. J Mol Biol 302:455-64. https://doi.org/10.1006/jmbi.2000.40792000PMID: 10970745
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