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Name Kemp Richard,
Institution University of Wales
Address ,
City Aberystwyth
Country Wales
O2k-Network Lab



Mukhanov 2006 Thermochim Acta2006Mukhanov VS, Kemp RB (2006) Simultaneous photocalorimetric and oxygen polarographic measurements on Dunaliella maritima cells reveal a thermal discrepancy that could be due to nonphotochemical quenching. Thermochim Acta 446:11-9.
Kemp 2000 Thermochim Acta (Vol 355)2000Kemp RB (2000) "Fire burn and cauldron bubble" (W. Shakespeare): what the calorimetric-respirometric (CR) ratio does for our understanding of cells? Thermochim Acta 355:115-24.
Kemp 2000 Thermochim Acta (Vol 349)2000Kemp RB, Guan YH (2000) The application of heat flux measurements to improve the growth of mammalian cells in culture. Thermochim Acta 349: 23-30.
Guan 1999 J Biotechnol1999Guan YH, Kemp RB (1999) Detection of the changing substrate requirements of cultured animal cells by stoichiometric growth equations validated by enthalpy balances. J Biotechnol 69:95-114.
Guan 1999 Cytotechnol1999Guan YH, Kemp RB (1999) On-line heat flux measurements improve the culture medium for the growth and productivity of genetically engineered CHO cells. Cytotechnol 30:107-20.
Kidane 1997 J Thermal Anal1997Kidane AH, Guan Y, Evans PM, Kaderbhai MA, Kemp RB (1997) Comparison of heat flux in wild-type and genetically-engineered Chinese hamster ovary cells. J Thermal Anal 49: 771-783.
Kemp 1996 BTK1996Kemp RB, Evans PM, Guan Y (1996) Heat flux as a control variable in optimizing the growth process of mammalian cells in batch culture. In: Bio-ThermoKinetics of the Living Cell (Westerhoff HV, Snoep JL, Wijker JE, Sluse FE, Kholodenko BN, eds), BioThermoKinetics, Amsterdam: 398-406.
Guan 1996 BTK-3871996Guan Y, Kemp RB (1996) Medium design with the aid of heat flux measurement in mammalian cell culture. In: BioThermoKinetics of the Living Cell (Westerhoff HV, Snoep JL, Wijker JE, Sluse FE, Kholodenko BN, eds), BioThermoKinetics, Amsterdam: 387-395.
Kemp 1994 BTK-2261994
Kemp RB, Hoare S, Schmalfeldt M, Bridge ChMC, Evansa PM, Gnaiger E (1994) A thermochemical study of the producion of lactate by glutaminolysis and glycolysis in mouse macrophage hybridoma cells. In: What is Controlling Life? (Gnaiger E, Gellerich FN, Wyss M, eds) Modern Trends in BioThermoKinetics 3. Innsbruck Univ Press:226-31.
Gnaiger 1990 Biochim Biophys Acta1990Gnaiger E, Kemp RB (1990) Anaerobic metabolism in aerobic mammalian cells: information from the ratio of calorimetric heat flux and respirometric oxygen flux. Biochim Biophys Acta 1016:328-32.
Kemp 1989 Energy transformations1989Kemp RB, Gnaiger E (1989) Aerobic and anaerobic energy metabolism in cultured cells. In: Energy transformations in cells and organisms'. Wieser W, Gnaiger E (eds), Thieme, Stuttgart:91-7.


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