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Keywords-MitoPedia in BEC


Keywordsβ€”MitoPedia is the concept to link keywords in articles published in Bioenergetics Communications (BEC) to MitoPedia terms. Authors should consider the message in the selected keywords. Provide consistent definitions of your keywords by linking them to MitoPedia. Extend MitoPedia entries critically by your contributions. The BEC editorial team will hyperlink your keywords with MitoPedia, and a reference to your BEC publication will be generated automatically from the MitoPedia term to your publication. With your contributions, BEC elevates keywords to terms with meaning. Your article gains visibility.

Reference: BEC authors

Contribution by Gnaiger Erich: (2020-05-18) last update 2021-02-06
Bioenergetics Communications

Instructions to BEC authors

  1. Define the keywords most relevant to your manuscript. A good keyword is a catchword drawig serach engines and readers to the topics and concepts developed in your article.
  2. Do you find your keyword in MitoPedia?
    1. If yes, you may be satisfied with the definition of your keyword provided by MitoPedia - done.
    2. If yes, you may not be satisfied with the definition of your keyword provided by MitoPedia - continue below.
    3. If no, continue.
  3. Add a glossary to your article, defining your keywords, which are not or not sufficiently covered in MitoPedia. You may include up to three references which are most relevant for definition of a term.
  4. By publishing in Bioenergetics Communications, authors agree that their peer-reviewed glossaries can be incorporated in MitoPedia, with reference to their publication. MitoPedia terms are either updated or new MitoPedia terms generated by the BEC editorial team.
  5. BEC helps MitoPedia to grow ↔ MitoPedia helps BEC to become more powerful. This postive feedback is one of the meanings of the BEC ex libris.

Discussion of an example

  • Article: MitoEAGLE Task Group (2020) Mitochondrial physiology. Bioenerg Commun 2020.1. - Β»BEC2020.1 doi10.26124bec2020-0001.v1Β«
  • Keywordβ€”MitoPedia: Cell count hyperlinked to Count.
  • 'Count' is not a good keyword for search engines. But the term 'cell count' is of fundamental importance for the discussion of 'rate'. A detailed discussion of the term 'count' is beyond the scope of the manuscript. A link to the MitoPedia term 'count' may be helpful for some specifically interested readers. β€” Count should become a SI base quantity, [x] a SI base unit. (This is not realistic, as Erich Gnaiger experienced as a previous member of an IUPAC task group).
  • The term Normalization of rate was added to MitoPedia as an essential keyword for 'Mitochondrial physiology' (Bioenerg Commun 2020.1). Many MitoPedia terms related to 'normalization' have been defined in MitoPedia before, which now are summarized in a 'template' for simple cross-referencing between these keywords. β€” Go to "Template:Keywords: Normalization" and click on 'Expand' to see the entire list.
  • The keywords 'Flow', 'Flux' and 'Mitochondrial marker' are used with different aims for search engines.
  • There is a large scope of improvement for the present selection of keywords in the article 'Mitochondrial physiology'. Is Oxidative phosphorylation useful as a keyword?


  1. Long-tail keywords
  2. 5 tips
  3. A keyword manual

Instructions to BEC Section Editors

  • Add the keywords in the BEC article in free text under "== Keywordsβ€”MitoPedia ==" as hyperlinks. This may be the short list of keywords.
  • Add the keywords in the BEC article uner 'Additional label', separated by commas, and save the page. This may be the long list of keywords.
  • Generate a template with keywords. Example: Template:Keywords-MitoPedia_BEC_2020.1
  • Click on the hyperlink of a Keyword. Example: Count
  • Check, if this MitoPedia page contains a header 'References', and if the BEC article is included in the automatically generated list.
  • If the MitoPedia page does not show 'References' with an automatically generated list, edit the page using 'Edit', not using 'Edit with form'.
  • Insert towards the end of the MitoPedia page:

== References ==

{{#ask:[[Additional label::Insert keyword]]

| mainlabel=Bioblast link

|?Has title=Reference

|?Was published in year=Year




|sort=Has title



  • Copy the MitoPedia page name (=the keyword) where 'Insert keyword' is shown ({{#ask:[[Additional label::Insert keyword]])
  • Make sure that MitoPedia labels are at the very end of the page, after the 'References'. If these labels are somewhere before the free text starts, move them to the very end. MitoPedia labels look like this:

{{MitoPedia concepts

|mitopedia concept=Ergodynamics


  • Save the page, and check if the BEC article is listed.
  • After completion, all Keywords with MitoPedia pages contain a reference with link to the BEC article.

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