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Mitochondria derived reactive oxygen species and microvascular dysfunction in chronic kidney disease.


Kirkman DL, Ramick MG, Muth BJ, Edwards DG (2015)

Event: MiPschool Greenville 2015

Endothelial dysfunction in chronic kidney disease (CKD) is characterized by reduced nitric oxide bioavailability as a consequence of oxidative stress. Damaged and dysfunctional mitochondria as a result of CKD are likely a large contributor to reactive oxygen species. The aim of this study was to determine if mitochondria derived reactive oxygen species contribute to impairments in nitric oxide mediated microvascular function in CKD.

Cutaneous vasodilation in response to local heating was assessed in 8 CKD patients (age: 67±7 years; eGFR: 48±11 ml/kg/1.73m2) and 8 matched healthy individuals (age: 60±6 years; eGFR: 91±11 ml/kg/1.73m2). Participants were instrumented with two intradermal microdialysis fibers for the infusion of 1) Ringers solution and 2) mitochondria specific superoxide scavenger mitoTempo. Skin blood flow in response to local heating (42°C) was assessed at the microdialysis sites by laser-Doppler flowmetry.

Cutaneous vascular conductance (CVC) was calculated as a percentage of the maximum CVC achieved during sodium nitroprusside infusion at 43°C. CVC was attenuated in CKD patients compared to healthy controls (86±5 vs. 95 ±3 %; p=0.01). MitoTempo significantly improved CVC in CKD patients (CKD Ringers vs CKD MitoTempo: 86±5 vs 93±6; p<0.05) to levels similar to that of healthy controls (CKD MitoTempo vs Healthy Ringers: 93±6 vs 95± 3; p= 0.67).

MitoTempo improved cutaneous microvascular function in CKD patients suggesting that mitochondria derived reactive oxygen species play a role in microvascular dysfunction in CKD. Improving mitochondria health and reducing mitochondria derived oxidative stress may be a potential therapeutic target for improving endothelial function in CKD.

Labels: MiParea: Patients  Pathology: Other  Stress:Oxidative stress;RONS 

Tissue;cell: Kidney 

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1-Dep Kinesiology Applied Physiol, Univ Delaware, DE, USA. - [email protected]