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Warnsmann 2018 Mech Ageing DevWarnsmann V, Meyer N, Hamann A, Kögel D, Osiewacz HD (2018) A novel role of the mitochondrial permeability transition pore in (-)-gossypol-induced mitochondrial dysfunction. Mech Ageing Dev 170:45-58.2018PMID: 28684269
Bonsignore 2015 Mech Ageing DevBonsignore LA, Tooley JG, Van Hoose PM, Wang E, Cheng A, Cole MP, Schaner Tooley CE (2015) NRMT1 knockout mice exhibit phenotypes associated with impaired DNA repair and premature aging. Mech Ageing Dev 146-148:42-52.2015PMID: 25843235
Solinas 2014 Mech Ageing DevSolinas P, Fujioka H, Radivoyevitch T, Tandler B, Hoppel CL (2014) Aging effects on oxidative phosphorylation in rat adrenocortical 3 mitochondria. Mech Ageing Dev 138:10-4.2014PMID:24486556
Takahashi 2013 Mech Ageing DevTakahashi K, Takahashi M (2013) Exogenous administration of coenzyme Q10 restores mitochondrial 3 oxygen consumption in the aged mouse brain. Mech Ageing Dev 134:580-6.2013PMID: 24333474
Hempenstall 2012 Mech Ageing DevHempenstall S, Page MM, Wallen KR, Selman C (2012) Dietary restriction increases skeletal muscle mitochondrial respiration but not mitochondrial content in C57BL/6 mice. Mech Ageing Dev 133:37-45.2012PMID:22212415
Lopez-Lluch 2010 Mech Ageing DevLopez-Lluch G, Rodriguez-Aguilera JC, Santos-Ocana C, Navas P (2010) Is coenzyme Q a key factor in aging? Mech Ageing Dev 131:225-35.2010PMID:20193705
Costa 2009 Mech Ageing DevCosta MD, Cherni L, Fernandes V, Freitas F, Ammar El Gaaied AB, Pereira L (2009) Data from complete mtDNA sequencing of Tunisian centenarians: testing haplogroup association and the "golden mean" to longevity. Mech Ageing Dev 130:222-6.2009PMID: 19133286

Mech Ageing Dev - Journal acronym = MAD