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Belosludtseva 2022 Membranes (Basel)Belosludtseva NV, Pavlik LL, Belosludtsev KN, Saris NL, Shigaeva MI, Mironova GD (2022) The short-term opening of cyclosporin A-independent palmitate/Sr 2+-induced pore can underlie ion efflux in the oscillatory mode of functioning of rat liver mitochondria. (Basel) 12:667. PMID: 35877870 Open Access
Dubinin 2021 Membranes (Basel)Dubinin MV, Semenova AA, Nedopekina DA, Davletshin EV, Spivak AY, Belosludtsev KN (2021) Effect of F16-betulin conjugate on mitochondrial membranes and its role in cell death initiation. Membranes (Basel) 11:352.2021PMID: 34068772 Open Access
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