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Fischer 2022 MetabolitesFischer C, Valente de Souza L, KomlΓ³di T, Garcia-Souza LF, Volani C, Tymoszuk P, Demetz E, Seifert M, Auer K, Hilbe R, Brigo N, Petzer V, Asshoff M, Gnaiger E, Weiss G (2022) Mitochondrial respiration in response to iron deficiency anemia. Comparison of peripheral blood mononuclear cells and liver. 12:270. PMID: 35323713 Open Access
Chinas 2022 MetabolitesChiΓ±as Merlin A, Gonzalez K, Mockler S, Perez Y, Jia UA, Chicco AJ, Ullevig SL, Chung E (2022) Switching to a standard chow diet at weaning improves the effects of maternal and postnatal high-fat and high-sucrose diet on cardiometabolic health in adult male mouse offspring. 12:563. PMID: 35736495 Open Access
Paprocka 2022 MetabolitesPaprocka J, Nowak M, Chuchra P, Śmigiel R (2022) COQ8A-ataxia as a manifestation of primary coenzyme Q deficiency. Metabolites 12:955. 36295857 Open Access
Dahl 2021 MetabolitesDahl HA, Johansen A, Nilsson GE, Lefevre S (2021) The metabolomic response of crucian carp (Carassius carassius) to anoxia and reoxygenation differs between tissues and hints at uncharacterized survival strategies. Metabolites 11:435. doi: 10.3390/metabo110704352021PMID: 34357329 Open Access
McCann 2020 MetabolitesMcCann MR, McHugh CE, Kirby M, Jennaro TS, Jones AE, Stringer KA, Puskarich MA (2020) A multivariate metabolomics method for estimating platelet mitochondrial oxygen consumption rates in patients with sepsis. Metabolites 10:E139.2020PMID: 32252461 Open Access
Simard 2020 MetabolitesSimard C, Lebel A, Allain EP, Touaibia M, Hebert-Chatelain E, Pichaud N (2020) Metabolic characterization and consequences of mitochondrial pyruvate carrier deficiency in Drosophila melanogaster. Metabolites 109:E363.2020PMID: 32899962 Open Access
Simard 2020b MetabolitesSimard CJ, Touaibia M, Allain EP, Hebert-Chatelain E, Pichaud N (2020) Role of the mitochondrial pyruvate carrier in the occurrence of metabolic inflexibility in Drosophila melanogaster exposed to dietary sucrose. Metabolites 10:E411.2020PMID: 33066485 Open Access
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