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MiP2007 Ambleside UK

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Ambleside UK, 14-18 Sep 2007. 64th Harden Conference on: Mitochondrial Physiology - Joint Biochemical Society / Mitochondrial Physiology Society Meeting

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Mitochondrial Physiology Society (2007-09-14) MitoGlobal

Abstract: 64th Harden Conference on: Mitochondrial Physiology, 2007, Ambleside , United Kingdom.


St Martin' College, Ambleside
The Lake District, UK

Local organizer

Local organisers: Guy Brown & Michael Murphy (Cambridge, UK)
Contact Biochemical Society: Miss Emily Roberts

General information

A conference for basic and medical scientists on mitochondrial biochemistry, physiology and pathology.
This was the 5th MiP Conference. MIPevents are generously supported by the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation.
Feedback on MiP2007
I really enjoyed the conference, and it has launched a whole new set of experiments for me to do. - (Hanne Hagland, Bergen, Norway)
Exciting meeting and wonderful to see "old" friends! - (Cecilia Giulivi, Davis, CA, USA)
I thought the the Harden Conference in Ambleside was a great success in every respect. I thank you all for your considerable efforts in organizing this enjoyable and productive meeting. - (John J. Lemasters, Charleston, SC, USA)
It was a great meeting, both informative, inspiring and social. Typical MiP spirit - thanks! - (Karl Johan Tronstad, Bergen, Norway)
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