MiP2015 Abstract submission

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For abstract format see: Template Abstract Format

Send abstract to: [email protected]

All accepted abstracts will be published on the conference website MiP2015 Abstracts in the MiPMap.

Abstract submission deadline: July 31

Abstracts in sequential sessions

  • Oral = 10 + 5 min: All talks are 10 min plus 5 min discussion. The invited lecturers provide generously an opportunity to a majority of MiPparticipants to present their work orally, from senior scientists to students.
  • P-flash = 5 + 2 min: Flash presentations or poster flashes are 5 min plus 2 min discussion. You may optionally present your work in addition as a poster
  • Poster = Poster presentation: Posters are up during the entire conference, providing an excellent opportunity for person-to-person discussions and for integrating your work into discussions in the plenary sessions.

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