MiPschool 2007 Schroecken AT Overview

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MiPschool 2007 Schroecken AT Overview

MiPsummer Programme

12-18 July 2007, Schroecken, Vorarlberg, Austria


Thursday, 12. July
Afternoon Registration at Hotel Mohnenfluh, check-in
19:00 Welcome reception and dinner at Hotel Mohnehnfluh
Friday, 13. July – Tuesday, 17. July
07:30-08:45 Breakfast
Morning lectures Gemeindesaal Schröcken (Lecture Hall)
09:00-10:00 Lecture 1
10:00-11:00 Lecture 2
11:00-11:45 Coffee break
11:45-12:45 Lecture 3
13:00-15:00 Break: Lunch; alpine walks and talks.
15:00-19:00 Workshops; Poster flash presentations and poster sessions; Special interest sessions; Discussions, with coffee break
20:00 Dinner

Monday, 16. July (in case of favourable weather conditions):
12:00 Breakfast
MiPsummer Walk to the cheese and wine reception at the Alpmuseum uf m Tannberg; refreshment in the lake Körebersee or at Hotel Körbersee; MiPsummer Party.
Wednesday, 18. July Departure in the early morning

Introductory lectures (45+15 min) will be presented in morning sessions (09:00 to 12:45).
In the afternoons (15:00-19:00), selected case studies will be presented. This will include flash presentations of selected posters (5+5 min) by participants. Discussions and demonstration experiments will focus on topics of mitochondrial respiratory physiology in special interest groups.
Fundamental and clinical perspectives will be integrated in these presentations, rather than sequentially arranged and separated. The programme will maintain a large scope for questions, and formal and informal discussions (joint evening sessions). The steep slopes around Schroecken do not provide an opportunity for escape.
Students and participants are encouraged to present posters (no expensive high-tech required) on experimental results (these may be presented in forum sessions) and experimental plans (these may be discussed in small working groups).
The traditional lunch breaks provide good opportunities for informal 'Walks & Talks'. Depending on weather conditions, an entire afternoon and evening will be kept free for an excursion, or for other re-creational acitivities (hiking, rock climbing, canyoning, adventure park).

MiPsummer 2007: Topics

12-18 July 2007, Schroecken, Vorarlberg, Austria
The interests expressed by participants and the MiP lecturers will determine the range of topics. These will include aspects of:
  • Enzyme capacities and flux control
  • Membrane potential, coupling and respiratory control
  • Substrate/inhibitor titrations in the study of mitochondrial respiratory capacity
  • Respiratory studies with isolated mitochondria, intact and permeabilized cells and tissue biopsies
  • Kinetics of competitive and irreversible inhibitors (including signaling molecules such as NO)
  • Apoptosis and respiratory function
  • Respiratory defects in various pathological states
  • ... see MiPsummer program
Many further topics were considered, but are not covered, since they are the subject of other courses - or will be presented in future MiPschools.
  • Substrate transport, ion regulation and respiration
  • Kinetic and thermodynamic regulation, integrated perspectives of flux control analysis
  • Mitochondrial ROS production, ROS-induced injury and antioxidative defense
  • ...