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MitoFit registered project


MitoFit registered projects are announced with reference to MitoFit protocols as publicly deposited protocols. Project registration is a two-phase process. Guidelines will be defined. (1) Pre-registration of a project requires submission to a MitoFit moderator (editor), including protocol details with reference to MitoPedia protocols, or with submission of protocols for publication (Open Access) in MitoPedia. The MitoFit (Bioblast) editors will edit the submitted protocols (layout) and insert into Bioblast submitted pre-registrations and protocols. (2) MitoFit moderators (editors) will set up a MitoFit accreditation panel, in which the registrant will be included (perhaps not in the long run, to avoid conflict of interests) and/or for which the registrant can suggest delegates (compare peer review). Accredited MitoFit protocols are labelled as MitoFit accredited, and the pre-registered MitoFit project becomes labelled and listed as MitoFit registered project (MitoFit accredited). This is possible before (advance registration), during progress, and after completion of a study (post-registration). A MitoFit registered project receives a code for feeding data into the MitoFit data repository.

Abbreviation: MitoFit-RP

Contribution by Gnaiger Erich 2016-01-28

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