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MitoGlobal Societies

Members of MitoGlobal, particularly mitochondrial societies supporting mitochondrial research and medicine
MitoGlobal Societies

MitoGlobal Societies are

  • National and international mitochondrial societies,
  • Organizers of national and international mitochondrial conferences and workshops,
  • Scientific, medical and public opinion leaders in mitochondrial research and medicine,
  • Mitochondrial network initiatives.
Is your mitochondrial organization interested to be included in the list of MitoGlobal Societies, joining MitoGlobal? Please send us contact details and information to be shown under your organization, and an informal letter of agreement that you want to be listed as a MitoGlobal Society (which will be posted on your page). Please send information to: [email protected].

Asia Society for Mitochondrial Research and MedicineASMRM
The Asia Society for Mitochondrial Research and Medicine (ASMRM) was founded in 2003 to share the latest knowledge on mitochondrial research.
Cardiovascular Exercise Research GroupCERG

The Cardiovascular Exercise Research Group (CERG) was established in January 2008 and their research focuses on identifying the key cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the beneficial effects of physical exercise on the heart, arteries and skeletal muscle in the context of disease prevention and management through experimental, clinical and epidemiological studies.

Since 2003 this research group organizes the biennial seminar "Exercise in Medicine" in Trondheim, Norway.
Cell SymposiaCellSymposiaLogo.jpg Organized by the editors of Cell Press's leading journals, Cell Symposia bring together exceptional speakers and scientists to discuss topics at the forefront of scientific research.
Chinese Society of Mitochondrial Research and MedicineChinese-MitThe Chinese Society of Mitochondrial Research and Medicine (Chinese-Mit) is a member of ASMRM.
Communication - mitochondria and the patientMitochondria and the patient: communication between patients, medical professionals, scientists, and the public
EUROMIT is a group based in Europe for organizing International Meetings on Mitochondrial Pathology.
European Bioenergetics ConferenceMito-and-Chlora EBEC.png EBEC is a group based in Europe that organizes the European Bioenergetics Conference.
IRDiRCIRDiRCIRDiRC.png The International Rare Diseases Research Consortium (IRDiRC) teams up researchers and organizations investing in rare diseases research in order to achieve two main objectives by the year 2020, namely to deliver 200 new therapies for rare diseases and means to diagnose most rare diseases.
International Mito Patients (IMP)IMPIMP LOGO.JPGThe International Mito Patients is a network of national patient organizations involved in mitochondrial disease. Mitochondrial disease is a rare disease with a limited number of patients per country. The national patient organizations which are a member of IMP each are active and powerful in their own countries. By joining forces IMP can represent a large group of patients and as such be their voice on an international level.
International Society for Mountain MedicineISMM
The International Society for Mountain Medicine is an interdisciplinary society comprising about xx members worldwide. Its purpose is ..
International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, IUPACIUPACThe International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) celebrated in 2019 the 100th anniversary, which coincided with the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements (IYPT 2019). IUPAC {Quote} notes that marking Mendeleev's achievement will show how the periodic table is central to connecting cultural, economic, and political dimensions of global society β€œthrough a common language” {end of Quote} (Horton 2019). 2019 is proclaimed as the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements (IYPT 2019). For a common language in mitochondrial physiology and bioenergetics, the IUPAC Green book (Cohen et al 2008) is a most valuable resource, which unfortunately is largely neglected in bioenergetics textbooks. Integration of open systems and non-equilibrium thermodynamic approaches remains a challenge for developing a common language (Gnaiger 1993; BEC 2020.1).
Internationale Gesellschaft fuer Regenerative Mitochondrien-MedizinIGRMM e.V.Organizer of
Japanese Society of Mitochondrial Research and MedicineJ-mit
The Japanese Society of Mitochondrial Research and Medicine (J-mit) was founded to share the latest knowledge on mitochondrial research. J-mit is the biggest Asian society of mitochondrial research and medicine and is a member of ASMRM.
Korean Society of Mitochondrial Research and MedicineKSMRMThe Korean Society of Mitochondrial Research and Medicine (KSMRM) is a member of ASMRM.
The objective of the MitoEAGLE network is to improve our knowledge on mitochondrial function in health and disease related to Evolution, Age, Gender, Lifestyle and Environment.
The Mitochondrial Physiology Society (MiP) has been founded to organize MiPconferences, MiPschools, and MiPworkshops worldwide. MiP has been founded at the Third Conference on Mitochondrial Physiology (MiP2003, Schroecken, Austria). The MiPsociety is an international organization, based in Europe and operating world-wide.
MitoActionMitoActionMitoAction.JPGThe mission of MitoAction is to improve quality of life for all who are affected by mitochondrial disorders through support, education and advocacy initiatives.
MitoCanada FoundationmitoCanada
The MitoCanada Foundation.

The MitoCanada Foundation is Canada’s only not-for-profit organization focused on mitochondrial disease. Since its founding in 2010, MitoCanada has dedicated over $1 million to fund the work of leading Canadian scientists and to support national awareness and support programs.

The MitoCanada Foundation is committed to ensuring that those who live with mitochondrial disease are able to enjoy the best possible quality of life until there is a cure.
Mitochondria Interest GroupMIG

The Mitochondria Interest Group (MIG) is an Inter-Institute Interest Group at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), with members worldwide! MIG is concerned with all aspects of the mitochondrion and diseases in which the mitochondrion is involved. We hold monthly meetings, usually on the second Monday of the month (except when it is a Federal holiday or other special exceptions).

[email protected] is an Email list moderated by Ph.D. Steven Zullo as an interactive information platform, with free subscritpion to this mitochondrial network. List members are reminded of their responsibility to critically evaluate the content of the postings. The information, opinions, data, and statements contained herein are not necessarily those of the U. S. Government, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), or MIG and should not be interpreted, acted on or represented as such.
Mitochondria Research SocietyMRS
The Mitochondria Research Society (MRS) is a nonprofit international organization of scientists and physicians. The purpose of MRS is to find a cure for mitochondrial diseases by promoting research on basic science of mitochondria, mitochondrial pathogenesis, prevention, diagnosis and treatment through out the world.
Mitochondria-Targeted Drug Developmenthansonwade
Mitochondria-Targeted Drug Development

The Mitochondria-Targeted Drug Development Summit was first established in 2021, as an online conference. Due to its success and unmatched focus, the 2nd edition returns to Boston this March 2022. This is the only industry-led meeting that unites key stakeholders under a mutual and ambitious objective of accelerating the discovery and development of novel drugs that target mitochondrial functions for chronic, primary mitochondrial diseases, muscular dystrophy, metabolic disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases.

Join our speakers from GenSight Biologics, Abliva, Reneo Pharma, Mito BioPharma, Mitokinin and more with exciting networking opportunities, panel discussions and dedicated roundtables.
Mitochondrial European Education TrainingMEET
The Mitochondrial European Education Training (MEET) MEET is a project started on January 2013. MEET network is composed by a multi-partner project that intends to mobilize the critical mass of expertise, by linking partners from 8 different countries, among which 8 world-leading basic science and clinical centers of excellence, an 1 SME with direct interest in mitochondrial medicine and 3 associated partners that provide for all trainees no-scientific training. MEET is training 11 ESRs and 3 ERs coming from all over the world supervised in their research by 15 mentors and by their collaborators. MEET combine the efforts of leading clinicians with those of more basic oriented groups and will have important implications for the comprehension and treatment of mitochondria-related pathologies.
Mitochondrial Medicine SocietyMMS
Mitochondrial Medicine Society.jpg
The Mitochondrial Medicine Society (MMS) was founded in 2000 and represents an international group of physicians, researchers and clinicians working towards the better diagnosis, management, and treatment of mitochondrial diseases.
Mitochondrial Research Guild
The Mitochondrial Research Guild is a special interest guild of Seattle Children's Hospital. The guild was founded by a group of families in the Seattle area that are working together to raise awareness, promote research, and improve the quality of medical care that is available to children that are dealing with the devastating and potentially life threatening effects of mitochondrial disease.
Neurocon LOGO.JPG
Neurocon is an Indian society organizing international conferences on neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental diseases.
OXPHOS InternationalThe OXPHOS International web portal is a repository of information useful to scholars studying mitochondria. The site is operated as a private "special interests" community hub.
Rare New England
MNE has transitioned into RNE (Rare New England). Rare New England is an organization providing access to support groups, gatherings, events and resources for those affected by Rare Disease and living in the New England area.
Serbian Society for Mitochondrial and Free Radical PhysiologySSMFRP
The Serbian Society for Mitochondrial and Free Radical Physiology (SSMFRP) was established in 2008 as a national Society and has 150 members who gather research in the fields of molecular biology, biochemistry, medicine, chemistry, agriculture, physics and other related disciplines. The SSMFRP was founded as a voluntary non-governmental and non-profit association for researchers whose goal is to support the creative improvement of scientific knowledge about the physiology of mitochondria and free radicals, support for the development of modern research approaches and integration of fundamental research in order to better understand the role of free radicals in pathophysiological states, as well as promoting scientific knowledge in the country and abroad.
Society for Heart and Vascular MetabolismSHVM
The Society for Heart and Vascular Metabolism (SHVM) The Society for Heart and Vascular Metabolism was founded in 2001, with the intent of providing a forum for the free exchange of ideas by a group of investigators that had a special interest in the multiple roles of intermediary metabolism in the cardiovascular system. An important aim of the Society is to foster interactions between young investigators and senior scientists and our meetings are deliberately designed to maximize these interactions. There is growing recognition across many areas of scientific investigation and in the cardiovascular arena of the importance of metabolic homeostasis. The Society for Heart and Vascular Metabolism intends to remain at the vanguard of this rapidly expanding area.
Society for Mitochondrial Research and Medicine - IndiaSMRM-India
The Society for Mitochondria Research and Medicine - India (SMRM-India) is a nonprofit organization of scientists, clinicians and academicians. The purpose of SMRM is to foster research on basic science of mitochondria, mitochondrial pathogenesis, prevention, diagnosis and treatment through out India and abroad.
Taiwan Society for Mitochondrial Research and MedicineTSMRMThe Taiwan Society for Mitochondrial Research and Medicine (TSMRM) is a member of ASMRM.
The North American Mitochondrial Disease ConsortiumNAMDC

The North American Mitochondrial Disease Consortium (NAMDC) was established to create a network of all clinicians and clinical investigators in North America (US and Canada, with the hope of including Mexico in the future) who follow sizeable numbers of patients with mitochondrial diseases and are involved or interested in mitochondrial research. The NAMDC has created a clinical registry for patients, in the hopes of standardizing diagnostic criteria, collecting important standardized information on patients, and facilitating the participation of patients in research on mitochondrial diseases.

For the study of any rare disease, the collection of specimens is a major challenge. The NAMDC is establishing a repository for specimens and DNA from patients with mitochondrial diseases, in order to make materials easily available to consortium researchers.

Finally, the NAMDC will conduct clinical trials and other kinds of research. The consortium makes biostatisticians, data management experts, and specialists in clinical research available to participating physicians, so that experiments conducted through the NAMDC can make the most efficient and innovative use of the generous participation of patients.
United Mitochondrial Disease FoundationUMDF
The United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF) was founded in 1996 to promote research and education for the diagnosis, treatment and cure of mitochondrial disorders and to provide support to affected individuals and families.
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