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Mount Chacaltaya-Impressions

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La Paz to Mt Chacaltaya

To Mt.Chacaltaya

La Paz-Impressions

Mount Huayna Potosi

Mount Illimani

To Mount Illimani

Mount Illimani, 6438 m

AltitudeOmics 2012 - After completing the work package on muscle biopsies and mitochondrial high-resolution respirometry at Chacaltaya (5,200 m), the team returned to La Paz on August 10 (taking a shower at 3,700 m).
On August 11, mountain guide Dr. Juan Pablo Ando (MD, La Paz; [email protected]) drove with Dr. Erich Gnaiger (Innsbruck) and Dr.a Carina Isabel Moreno (La Paz) from La Paz to the foot of Mt. Illimani - full of impressions on their way:
They followed their two Aimaran porters to the high camp where they were the only group that night. They reached the tent in the dark (4 hours), enjoying a late-night soup while keeping warm in our sleeping bags.
Pablo and Erich started the climb at 04:30, reaching the summit at 13:30.
They returned very fast to the high camp at 16:30. By that time, three other tents had been set up in the camp.
By night, they descended to the base and had a few hours of sleep in the car or the tent. They arrived back in La Paz in the morning (07:00), such that Erich could catch his flight out of El Alto (4,000 m) in the same morning.

Illimani erich.JPG

Photos by Erich Gnaiger