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Vandenberg 2021 Neurochem IntVandenberg GG, Dawson NJ, Head A, Scott GR, Scott AL (2021) Astrocyte-mediated disruption of ROS homeostasis in Fragile X mouse model. Neurochem Int 146:105036.2021PMID: 33785420
Miranda Mendonca 2019 Neurochem IntMiranda Mendonça AP, Hoppe LY, Gaviraghi A, Araújo-Jorge TC, de Oliveira GM, Felippe RM, Oliveira MF, da Silva Fragoso VM (2019) Highly aggressive behavior induced by social stress is associated to reduced cytochrome c oxidase activity in mice brain cortex. Neurochem Int 126:210-17.2019PMID: 30922923
Mueller 2019 Neurochem IntMueller TE, Nunes MEM, Rodrigues NR, Fontana BD, Hartmann DD, Franco JL, Rosemberg DB (2019) Neurochemical mechanisms underlying acute and chronic ethanol-mediated responses in zebrafish: The role of mitochondrial bioenergetics. Neurochem Int 131:104584.2019PMID: 31654679
Cecatto 2017 Neurochem IntCecatto C, Amaral AU, da Silva JC, Wajner A, Godoy KD, Ribeiro RT, Gonçalves AM, Vargas CR, Wajner M (2017) Mevalonolactone disrupts mitochondrial functions and induces permeability transition pore opening in rat brain mitochondria: Implications for the pathogenesis of mevalonic aciduria. Neurochem Int 108:133-45.2017PMID: 28284974
Ravasz 2017 Neurochem IntRavasz D, Kacso G, Fodor V, Horvath K, Adam-Vizi V, Chinopoulos C (2017) Catabolism of GABA, succinic semialdehyde or gamma-hydroxybutyrate through the GABA shunt impair mitochondrial substrate-level phosphorylation. Neurochem Int 109:41-53.2017PMID: 28300620
D'Orsi 2017 Neurochem IntD'Orsi B, Mateyka J, Prehn JH (2017) Control of mitochondrial physiology and cell death by the Bcl-2 family proteins Bax and Bok. Neurochem Int 109:162-70.2017PMID: 28315370
Schoenfeld 2017 Neurochem IntSchönfeld P, Reiser G (2017) Brain energy metabolism spurns fatty acids as fuel due to their inherent mitotoxicity and potential capacity to unleash neurodegeneration. Neurochem Int 109:68-77.2017PMID: 28366720
Thaher 2017 Neurochem IntThaher O, Wolf C, Dey PN, Pouya A, Wüllner V, Tenzer S, Methner A (2017) The thiol switch C684 in Mitofusin-2 mediates redox-induced alterations of mitochondrial shape and respiration. Neurochem Int 117:167-73.2017[ PMID: 28527631
Li 2016 Neurochem IntLi H, Liu Y, Lin LT, Wang XR, Du SQ, Yan CQ, He T, Yang JW, Liu CZ (2016) Acupuncture reversed hippocampal mitochondrial dysfunction in vascular dementia rats. Neurochem Int 92:35-42.2016PMID: 26682902
Hagl 2015 Neurochem IntHagl S, Kocher A, Schiborr C, Kolesova N, Frank J, Eckert GP (2015) Curcumin micelles improve mitochondrial function in neuronal PC12 cells and brains of NMRI mice - Impact on bioavailability. Neurochem Int 89:234-42.2015PMID: 26254982
Eckert 2013 Neurochem IntEckert GP, Schiborr C, Hagl S, Abdel-Kader R, Müller WE, Rimbach G, Frank J (2013) Curcumin prevents mitochondrial dysfunction in the brain of the senescence-accelerated mouse-prone 8. Neurochem Int 62:595-602.2013PMID: 23422877
Kasparova 2006 Neurochem IntKasparová S, Sumbalová Z, Bystrický P, Kucharská J, Liptaj T, Mlynárik V, Gvozdjáková A (2006) Effect of coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E on brain energy metabolism in the animal model of Huntington's disease. Neurochem Int 48:93-9.2006PMID: 16290265
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