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Castellano-Gonzalez 2019 Neurotox ResCastellano-Gonzalez G, Jacobs KR, Don E, Cole NJ, Adams S, Lim CK, Lovejoy DB, Guillemin GJ (2019) Kynurenine 3-monooxygenase activity in human primary neurons and effect on cellular bioenergetics identifies new neurotoxic mechanisms. Neurotox Res 35:530-41.2019PMID: 30666558
Glombik 2019 Neurotox ResGłombik K, Detka J, Góralska J, Kurek A, Solnica B, Budziszewska B (2019) Brain metabolic alterations in rats showing depression-like and obesity phenotypes. Neurotox Res 37:406-24.2019PMID: 31782099 Open Access
Da Silva 2017 Neurotox ResDa Silva JC, Amaral AU, Cecatto C, Wajner A, Dos Santos Godoy K, Ribeiro RT, de Mello Gonçalves A, Zanatta Â, da Rosa MS, Loureiro SO, Vargas CR, Leipnitz G, de Souza DOG, Wajner M (2017) α-Ketoadipic acid and α-aminoadipic acid cause disturbance of glutamatergic neurotransmission and induction of oxidative stress in vitro in brain of adolescent rats. Neurotox Res 32:276-90.2017PMID: 28429309
De Moura 2017 Neurotox Resde Moura Alvorcem L, da Rosa MS, Glänzel NM, Parmeggiani B, Grings M, Schmitz F, Wyse ATS, Wajner M, Leipnitz G (2017) Disruption of energy transfer and redox status by sulfite in hippocampus, striatum, and cerebellum of developing rats. Neurotox Res 32:264-75.2017PMID: 28417315
Moreno-Ortega 2016 Neurotox ResMoreno-Ortega AJ, Al-Achbili LM, Alonso E, de Los Ríos C, García AG, Ruiz-Nuño A, Cano-Abad MF (2016) Neuroprotective effect of the novel compound ITH33/IQM9.21 against oxidative stress and Na+ and Ca2+ overload in motor neuron-like NSC-34 cells. Neurotox Res 30:380-91.2016PMID: 27126806
Sebollela 2010 Neurotox ResSebollela A, Freitas-Corrêa L, Oliveira FF, Mendes CT, Wasilewska-Sampaio AP, Camacho-Pereira J, Galina A, Brentani H, Passetti F, De Felice FG, Dias-Neto E, Ferreira ST (2010) Expression profile of rat hippocampal neurons treated with the neuroprotective compound 2,4-dinitrophenol: Up-regulation of cAMP signaling genes. Neurotox Res 18:112-23.2010PMID: 19949915