O2k-Barometric Pressure Transducer

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O2k-Barometric Pressure Transducer

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O2k-Barometric Pressure Transducer, A/D converter and digital output to DatLab for continuous recording of barometric pressure [kPa or mmHg], integrated into the air calibration of the POS (MiPNet06.03 POS-calibration-SOP). Integral component of the O2k-Main Unit. The warranty on the accuracy of the signal obtained from the O2k-Barometric Pressure Transducer expires within three years.

Reference: O2k-Core

SI unit: Pa = JΒ·m-3
1 atm = 760 mmHg = 101.325 kPa


Accuracy check for the barometric pressure transducer:
  • 4 O2ks: average pressure reading = 95.5 kPa, maximal reading 95.5 kPa, minimal reading 95.4 kPa
  • Nearest meteorological station (Innsbruck airport, altitude: 585 m above sea level): pressure = 95.5 kPa
(Checked by Mario Faschung, 2013-10-21)


If the barometric pressure is displayed as 0 kPa in DatLab (O2 calibration window), switch of the O2k and unplug it from the power socket for at least 15 minutes. In most cases the problem is solved after plugging the O2k in again and switching it on. If the problem persists or happens again, please contact our technical support.

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