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Mitochondria and Cell Research - the Oroboros Ecosystem

  • Gnaiger E, Steinlechner R, Doeller JE, Haller T, eds. (1990) Calorimetry, respirometry and mitochondrial energetics. Cyclobios Newsletter 4: 93 pp. ISBN 3-9500049-0-4
Under the slogan "Cooperation and Feedback in Science", the research group of E. Gnaiger presented reports on various projects, including the FWF project P7162-BIO, and the Project from the Forschungsförderungsfonds für die gewerbliche Wirtschaft, FFF project 2/270: Bioenergetic monitoring: Cell physiology, ecotoxicology, alternatives to animal experiments.

Selected contributions:
  • Gnaiger E: Calorimetric and respirometric methods in ecology and physiolog. p. 5-9.
  • International course on thermodynamics of cellular metabolism. Göteborg, Sweden (6-10 Nov. 1989) and Innsbruck, Austria (30 April - 4 May 1990. p. 18-20.
  • Doeller JE, Kraus DW, Shick JM, Gnaiger E: Metabolic rates and mitochondrial activity of ciliated bivalve gills under varying conditions of energy supply and demand. p. 26.
  • Schneider A, Wiesner RJ, Grieshaber MK: On the role of arginine kinase in insect flight muscle. p. 28-29.
  • Rieger RM, Powell EN, Tyler S, Rieger GE: Mitochondrial ultrasturcture of thiobiotic meiofauna. p. 29-32.
  • Dubilier N, Grieshaber M, Giere O: Mitochondrial ultrastructure of Tubificoides benedii and its anaerobic endproducts under hypoxic and sulfidic conditions. p. 33.
  • Doeller JE, Wittenberg BA: Myoglobin function in the energy metabolism of islated cardiac myocytes. p. 34.
  • Kraus DW, Doeller JE: Sulfide effects on cytochromes in the gills of bivlavle mollusks. An in vivo spectrophotometric study. p. 35.
  • Sänger AM: Mitochondrial structure of red, intermediate and white muscle fibres in adult fish. p. 36-39.
  • Stoiber W: Fine structure of mitochondria in red and white muscle of cyprinid larvae. p. 40.
  • Ortner M, Rieger G, Krumschnabel G, Gnaiger E: Effects of anoxia on metabolism and mitochondrial ultrastructure of embryonic skeletal and cardiac muscle in salmonid fish. p. 41-45.
  • Klima J, Salvenmoser W, Plangger A, Gnaiger E: Ultrastructure and enzyme cytochemistry of aerobic and anoxic mitochondria of Lumbriculus variegatus. p. 46-48.
  • Haller T: Methodological considerations for respiratory studies with isolated mitochondria. p. 51-55.
  • Haller T, Gnaiger E: Thermodynamic and kinetic control of the LDH reaction. An application of chemical reaction pressure. p. 56-62.
  • Haller T, Gnaiger E: Kinetic control and reaction pressure in steady state coupled mitochondria. p. 63-66.
  • Schön A, Haller T, Gnaiger E: Hexokinase induced, steady state coupled mitochondria studied by injection calorimetry and respirometry. p. 67-72.
  • Rieger G, Haller T, Raich K, Gnaiger E: Ultrastructure of mitochondria isolated from oligochaetes: Comparison with classical rat liver mitochondria. p. 73-76.
  • Raich K, Haller T, Gnaiger E: The kinetics of mitochondria isolated from oligochaetes: Comparison with classical rat liver mitochondria. p. 77-79.
  • Ölz R, Gustafsson L, Gnaiger E: Efficiency and regulation of energy fluxes of yeast during energy limited growth conditions. p. 80-82.
  • Biological Energetics Research Group: BERGshops. p. 83-86.
  • Gnaiger E: Bomb calorimetry is not bomb calorimetry. p. 91.