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Mitochondria and Cell Research - the Oroboros Ecosystem
As a result of the successful cooperation with Philipp Gradl (WGT) and Lukas Gradl (ssn), 33 instruments of the Oxygraph-2k (Series A) were produced and delivered into 13 countries in 2002/2003.

Date Location-Country-IOC
Feb 28 Bari, IT: 20. International Oxygraph Course - Local organizer: Sergio Papa
Jun 12-15 Innsbruck, AT: 21. International Oxygraph Course - Presentation of the new Oxygraph-2k prototype at the Science Week Austria.
Sep Arcachon, FT: 2nd Mitochondrial Physiology (MiP) Meeting, Satellite to BTK and EBEC. download pdf
Oct Birmingham, Alabama, US: 22. International Oxygraph Course - NO Workshop on High-Resolution Respirometry. MiPNet 8.12 IOC22: 1-6. Local organizers: Jeannette Doeller, David Kraus, Victor Darley-Usmar