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Mitochondria and Cell Research - the Oroboros Ecosystem

Date Location-Country-IOC
Dec 11-13 Innsbruck, AT: 26. International Oxygraph Course, MiPNet 8.17. - Program, participants, abstracts
Oct Würzburg, DE: 25. International Oxygraph Course. Workshop on CaloRespirometry, at the 13th ISBC (International Society for Biological Calorimetry Conference): Energetics of Adaptation and Development - From Molecular Mechanisms to Clinical Practice. Veitshöchheim, Germany. Organizer: Dominique Singer. Winner of the Lavoisier Medal: Erich Gnaiger.
Sep Schröcken, AT: 3rd Conference on Mitochondrial Physiology - Foundation of the MiP Society
Sep 09-12 Schröcken, AT: 24. International Oxygraph Course - MiPNet 8.11-B
Aug The first of 100 instruments of the Oxygraph-2k Series B were completed, and applied in a series of workshops on high-resolution respirometry.
Mar 27-31 Schröcken, AT: 23. International Oxygraph Course - MiPNet 8.2. Abstracts, Program, slides, workshop summary, participants