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Octanoylcarnitine is a medium-chain fatty acid (octanoic acid: eight-carbon saturated fatty acid) covalently linked to carnitine, frequently applied as a substrate for fatty acid oxidation (FAO) in mitochondrial preparations.

Abbreviation: Oct

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Application in HRR

Oct: Octanoylcarnitine ((Β±)-Octanoylcarnitine chloride; C15H30NO4Cl), BioTrend (brand: APExBIO Technology): B6371-50 mg, store at -20 Β°C, CAS: 14919-35-8, M = 323.86 gΒ·mol-1
Alternative: TOCRIS Bioscience, Cat. No. 0605, 50 mg, store at RT, desiccate); M = 323.85 gΒ·mol-1.
General tips: For obtaining a higher solubility, warm the tube at 37 ℃ and shake it in the ultrasonic bath for a while.

Preparation of 100 mM stock solution (dissolved in H2O or DMSO, can differ from batch to batch - check Certificate of Analysis):
  1. Weigh 50 mg of octanoylcarnitine and dissolve in 1543 Β΅L H2O or DMSO.
  2. Divide into 0.2 mL portions.
  3. Store at -20 Β°C.
  • Note 2024-03-26: According to the information provided by the supplier (BioTrend) is the solubility of Octanoylcarnitine in DMSO and H2O comparable ( β‰₯36.9 mg/mL in DMSO; β‰₯18.6 mg/mL in EtOH; β‰₯37.4 mg/mL in H2O), therefore we consider more rational approach to use H2O as a solvent in OROBOROS Lab because of better handling at room temperature. Disadvantage of DMSO: freezing point of +18.55 Β°C (65.4 Β°F). When using DMSO as solvent, make sure to bring the stock solution to room temperature before filling the syringe, which is important to avoid blocking the needle.
communicated by Sobotka Ondrej (talk) 17:46, 26 March 2024 (CET)
Β» O2k manual titrations into 2 mL O2k-chamber
  • Titration volume (2-mL O2k-chamber): 10 Β΅L using a 25 Β΅L Hamilton syringe.
  • Titration volume (0.5-mL O2k-chamber): 2.5 Β΅L using a 10 Β΅L Hamilton syringe
  • Final concentration: 0.5 mM in MiR05 or MiR06. Optimum Oct concentrations have to be evaluated, particularly in media with BSA concentrations different from MiR05.

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Β» Fatty acid oxidation
Β» Carnitine O-octanoyltransferase



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