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Pajuelo-Reguera David

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Name Pajuelo-Reguera David,
David Pajuelo-Reguera

Laboratory of Membrane Transport Biophysics, No. 75 Institute of Physiology

v.v.i., Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Address Vídeňská 1083, 14220
City Prague
Country Czech Republic
Email [email protected]
O2k-Network Lab CZ Prague Houstek J, CZ Prague Jezek P, ES Tarragona Arola L



Pajuelo-Reguera 2011 J Agric Food Chem2011Pajuelo-Reguera D, Fernández-Iglesias A, Díaz S, Quesada H, Arola-Arnal A, Bladé C, Salvadó J, Arola L (2011) Improvement of mitochondrial function in muscle of genetically obese rats after chronic supplementation with proanthocyanidins. J Agric Food Chem 59:8491-8.
Pajuelo-Reguera 2011 Br J Nutr2011Pajuelo-Reguera D, Quesada H, Díaz S, Fernández-Iglesias A, Arola-Arnal A, Bladé C, Salvadó J, Arola L (2011) Chronic dietary supplementation of proanthocyanidins corrects the mitochondrial dysfunction of brown adipose tissue caused by diet-induced obesity in Wistar rats. Br J Nutr 28:1-9.


Pajuelo-Reguera 2017 MiP20172017
David Pajuelo-Reguera
COX4-1/COX4-2 cell knock-out/knock-in models for the study of cytochrome c oxidase regulation.
Cunatova 2017 MiP20172017
Cunatova Kristyna
COX4-1/4-2 knock-out causes total cytochrome c oxidase deficiency and partial impairment of mitochondrial proteosynthesis.
Pajuelo-Reguera 2013 Abstract MiP20132013Pajuelo DR, Ježek P, Olejár T, Alán L (2013) Some mitophagy markers in liver and skeletal muscle in Goto Kakizaki rats. Mitochondr Physiol Network 18.08.

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