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Fisher 2020 PlacentaFisher J, McKeating D, Pennell E, Cuffe J, Holland O, Perkins A (2020) Mitochondrial isolation, cryopreservation and preliminary biochemical characterisation from placental cytotrophoblast and syncytiotrophoblast. Placenta 82:1-4.2020PMID: 31174620
Holland 2017 PlacentaHolland OJ, Hickey AJR, Alvsaker A, Moran S, Hedges C, Chamley LW, Perkins AV (2017) Changes in mitochondrial respiration in the human placenta over gestation. Placenta 57:102-12.2017PMID: 28863998
Khera 2015 PlacentaKhera A, Dong LF, Holland OJ, Vanderlelie J, Pasdar EA, Neuzil J, Perkins AV (2015) Selenium supplementation induces mitochondrial biogenesis in trophoblasts. Placenta 36:863-9.2015PMID: 26154583
Banerjee 2015 PlacentaBanerjee A, Weidinger A, Hofer M, Steinborn R, Lindenmair A, Hennerbichler-Lugscheider S, Eibl J, Redl H, Kozlov AV, Wolbank S (2015) Different metabolic activity in placental and reflected regions of the human amniotic membrane. Placenta 36:1329-32.2015PMID: 26386652
Colleoni 2012 PlacentaColleoni F, Morash AJ, Ashmore T, Monk M, Burton GJ, Murray AJ (2012) Cryopreservation of placental biopsies for mitochondrial respiratory analysis. Placenta 33:122-3.2012PMID: 22154690
Open Access
Honzik 2006 PlacentaHonzik T, Drahota Z, Bohm M, Jesina P, Mracek T, Paul J, Zeman J, Houstek J (2006) Specific properties of heavy fraction of mitochondria from human-term placenta - Glycerophosphate-dependent hydrogen peroxide production. Placenta 27:348-56.2006PMID: 15949844
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