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Research is a term composed of search and re. What does this tell us? The best comparison of the English with a German word is Untersuchung, composed of suchung (search) and unter (below). The term search (suchen) is straightforward to understand and comparable in both languages. The prefix re and unter are more difficult to reconcile, yet in both languages these perfixes reveal complementary if not nearly identical messages. re means {Quote} back to the original place; again, anew, once more {end of Quote} [1], whereas unter means below or underneath. Re-search, therefore, is not simply the search or investigation of some topic or problem, it means essentially doing the search again and again (re -> re-producibility) and penetrating below a simple search by reaching out for an underlying level of the search. The re in re-search and re-producibility has to be extended ultimately from a single re-search group to inter-laboratory re-investigation. This tells us, therefore, that while search is valuable, re-search provides the necessary validation. This re-evaluation of confirmative re-search should be re-cognized as the most important strategy to address the reproducibility crisis.


The etymology of the word research in different languages provides a wide range of views about how to pursue the re-search and the approach of different cultures:
  • η ”η©Ά (YΓ‘njiΕ« in Mandarin Chinese): Meaning to spend a long time doing the same task.
  • Ricercare (Italian): to search β€” R I C E R C A R
  • Investigar (Spanish): Makes reference to the Latin word Vestigium which has the meaning of footprint and the particle in- which makes reference to look for or to pursue.
  • исслСдованиС (issledovaniye in Russian)
  • Pesquisar (Portuguese): To make questions.
  • IstraΕΎivanje (Serbian)
  • Kutata's (Hungarian): To dig in the font of knowledge.
  • vΓ½zkum (Czech): Combination of the root of the word "zkum" and prefix "vΓ½". "Zkum" also in "zkoumat" means to investigate with interest, to try, to search. "vΓ½" is a prefix with many meanings, to this context fit: a process which is going deep into something (e.g. topic, search) and the same time could mean to start or to finish (exhaust) something until the end (compare "zkoumat"/to search, to try vs "vyzkoumat"/to find, to get search done).


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