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Cree-Green 2018 Diabetes
Additional label 2018-05  +
Coupling states ET  + , LEAK  + , OXPHOS  +
Diseases Diabetes  + , Obesity  +
Enzyme Complex I  + , Complex II;succinate dehydrogenase  + , Complex III  + , Complex IV;cytochrome c oxidase  +
Has abstract Type 2 diabetes is associated with impaire
Type 2 diabetes is associated with impaired exercise capacity. Alterations in both muscle perfusion and mitochondrial function can contribute to exercise impairment. We hypothesized that impaired muscle mitochondrial function in type 2 diabetes is mediated, in part, by decreased tissue oxygen delivery and would improve with oxygen supplementation. ''Ex vivo'' muscle mitochondrial content and respiration assessed from biopsy samples demonstrated expected differences in obese individuals with (N=18) and without (N=17) diabetes. Similarly, ''in vivo'' mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation capacity measured in the gastrocnemius muscle via <sup>31-</sup>Phosphorus magnetic resonance spectroscopy (<sup>31</sup>P MRS) indicated an impairment in the rate of ADP depletion with rest (27±6 seconds diabetes, 21±7 controls; p=0.008) and oxidative phosphorylation (p=0.046) in type 2 diabetes following isometric-calf exercise compared to controls. Importantly, the ''in vivo'' impairment in oxidative capacity resolved with oxygen supplementation in adults with diabetes (ADP depletion rate 5.0 seconds faster; p=0.012, oxidative phosphorylation 0.046±0.079 mmol/L/sec faster, p=0.027). Multiple ''in vivo'' mitochondrial measures related to HbA1C. These data suggest that oxygen availability is rate-limiting for ''in vivo'' mitochondrial oxidative exercise recovery measured with <sup>31-</sup>P MRS in individuals with uncomplicated diabetes. Targeting muscle oxygenation could improve exercise function in type 2 diabetes.
rove exercise function in type 2 diabetes.  +
Has editor [[Kandolf G]]  +
Has info [ PMID: 29643061]  +
Has publicationkeywords Blebbistatin  +
Has title Cree-Green M, Scalzo RL, Harrall K, Newcom
Cree-Green M, Scalzo RL, Harrall K, Newcomer BR, Schauer IE, Huebschmann AG, McMillin S, Brown MS, Orlicky D, Knaub L, Nadeau KJ, Mcclatchey PM, Bauer TA, Regensteiner JG, Reusch JEB (2018) Supplemental oxygen improves ''in-vivo'' mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation flux in sedentary obese adults with type 2 diabetes. Diabetes 67:1369-79.
with type 2 diabetes. Diabetes 67:1369-79.  +
Instrument and method Oxygraph-2k  +
Mammal and model Human  +
MiP area Exercise physiology;nutrition;life style  + , Respiration  +
Pathways F  + , N  + , NS  +
Preparation Permeabilized tissue  +
Tissue and cell Skeletal muscle  +
Was published by MiPNetLab US CO Denver Schauer I +
Was published in journal Diabetes +
Was published in year 2018  +
Was written by Cree-Green M + , Scalzo RL + , Harrall K + , Newcomer BR + , Schauer IE + , Huebschmann AG + , McMillin S + , Brown MS + , Orlicky D + , Knaub L + , Nadeau KJ + , Mcclatchey PM + , Bauer TA + , Regensteiner JG + , Reusch JEB +
Categories Publications
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