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George 2015 Abstract MiPschool Greenville 2015
Coupling states OXPHOS  +
Event Poster  +
Has abstract The nature and existence of mitochondrial
The nature and existence of mitochondrial lactate oxidation has been a contentious topic [1]. To determine whether lactate is oxidized in the matrix of brain mitochondria, respiratory oxygen flux (JO<sub>2</sub>) was measured in saponin-permeabilized mouse brain cortex samples, prepared as previously described [2]. While JO<sub>2</sub> in the presence of ADP and malate was uninfluenced by addition of lactate, JO<sub>2</sub> rose significantly following the addition of exogenous NAD<sup>+</sup>, suggesting the mechanism of lactate oxidation involves extra-matrix lactate dehydrogenase (LDH). Mitochondrial JO<sub>2</sub> was comparable between glutamate, pyruvate and NAD<sup>+</sup>-dependent lactate oxidation. Mitochondrial JO<sub>2</sub> supported by NAD<sup>+</sup>-dependent lactate oxidation was significantly decreased with the addition of α-cyano-4-hydroxycinnamate, an inhibitor of mitochondrial pyruvate transport. In addition, mitochondrial JO<sub>2</sub> supported by NAD<sup>+</sup>-dependent lactate oxidation was inhibited with addition of oxamate, a membrane impermeable LDH inhibitor. Similar observations were made within rat hippocampal (cornu ammonis 1; CA1) samples, suggesting the mechanism by which mitochondria oxidize lactate in rodent brain is not unique to cortex. As with human and rat skeletal muscle [3,4], the current results support the interpretation that lactate oxidation occurs outside the mitochondrial matrix in mouse cortex and rat hippocampus.
atrix in mouse cortex and rat hippocampus.  +
Has title Mitochondria do not directly oxidize lactate within the cerebral cortex or hippocampus.  +
Mammal and model Human  + , Mouse  + , Rat  +
MiP area Respiration  +
Pathways N  +
Preparation Permeabilized tissue  +
Tissue and cell Skeletal muscle  + , Nervous system  +
Was published by MiPNetLab CA Guelph Holloway GP + , CA Antigonish Kane DA +
Was submitted in year 2015  +
Was submitted to event MiPschool Greenville 2015 +
Was written by George M + , Herbst EA + , Brebner K + , Holloway GP + , Kane DA +
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